Which you might not be able to tell by the howling wind and snow, but you can certainly tell by the number of basketball games we have watched!

So I have been knitting a lot, too.  I knit a baby sweater this week, while still moving forward on other projects.  This was an experiment – a Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmerman,  I was thinking of doing an adult sized one with sock scraps, over years, actually, as I am almost out of sock scraps, and don’t really need socks right now… but the instructions and blogs and Ravelry and clerk in the yarn store all said to make a baby one first, so  I did.  I have a surprisingly large quantity of some cotton, so I made it out of that, and think it would be just the thing for a babe fresh from bath or swimming – the cotton fabric is very soft and drapes nicely.  With cotton and garter stitch, this will stretch and grow with the baby.  I just need to locate the right buttons and it will be complete.  Then I guess it will go on Etsy as I know no babies.  🙂  And the adult version in sock yarn may never happen.  I realize that such a beast would require an inordinate number of stitcheds per row.  Not sure if I want to face that!  But I know how, and that it will work.  Pretty amazing that you knit it all in one piece, fold, and stitch shoulder seams to get a sweater!

All knit, just needs end woven in and folding.

surprise unfolded

Folded and sewn, front.  I am thinking some flower shaped buttons, maybe…

surprise folded front

The stripes on the back are quite different, which I find intriguing.  Can’t you just see it in a  million stripes of sock yarn??

surprise folded back

I also got some photos recently of the stereo cuff, finished.  I think you can see the beads sparkling in the sunshine – and you can’t feel the cold, so you can pretend it is spring, right?  🙂

It grows to the full width from a narrower band, which you can see a hint of in the first photo.  I tried to lay it out on the floor to get a picture of the whole, but my inspectors decided that wasn’t a good idea.

stereo cuff done 3

stereo cuff done 5

stereo cuff done 7

They were there within seconds of me putting the bracelet on the floor.  Not sure what the attraction was, but there was no getting a clear shot.

Besides knitting and basketball, we had a nice visit today with A’s sisters and niece and her family.  Niece T has a birthday tomorrow – 45! –  (the generations in A’s family are skewed as A was a “pleasant surprise”) so we brought over a cake and some presents and had a fun visit.  All are ready for this weather to break,  The kids are eager to go outside, and to not go to school until July.  The parents are eager to have fresh air and gardens growing.  Aren’t we all?  Anyway – the cake was an adventure – A’s old family recipe for a custard-whipped cream frosting which I find a challenge, but as it is A’s and T’s favorite, I make it once a year for A’s birthday.  This time I told A it was her turn to make it.  It seems she has never made it!  So we did – it took two tries to get a decent angel food cake, and two tries to get the frosting right, but I think it was delicious.  And I have a month before it is my turn to make it for her.  Good practice.  🙂

More taxes tomorrow, and a grant to wrap up this week.  But good news – they just posted my job!  So things are slowly changing. A thinks I should apply for it, but I am not sure if that is the right thing for me to do.  It is true that what they have posted is my ideal job description.  But not sure I trust them to leave it like that or pay a decent wage.  Still, it is worth a phone call.  I suppose.:-)


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14 responses to “FIRST WEEKEND OF SPRING

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  1. I will have to try beading with knitting. That is another technique I’ll have try. The bracelet looks cool. I think cats will play with anything as long as it moves when touched. That is one zippy baby jacket. It’s like green lawn bursting with rows of spring flowers.

    • lol – yes, that is what I was thinking as I was knitting the sweater – SPRING! As fr knitting with beads, I love it. I started with a book called “Knit One Bead TWo” which is a good primer on the topic. Then I discovered Laura Nelkin and have made many of her designs, each many times. I love how they come out, and are so unique.

  2. you’ve been busy ^^
    love the bracelet!

  3. Love the Baby Surprise, have made a lot of them, but haven’t attempted an adult one. The “surprise” is what happens when you have finished knitting the strangely shaped piece, and then you fold it right. I liked her way of making button holes on both sides, then sewing the buttons one when you know whether the baby is a girl or a boy. Of course we all know that ahead of time, and I don’t think it even matters which side the buttons are on nowadays. The bracelet is quite stunning, love the effect of beads with knitting. A busy lade indeed.

    • Thanks! I knew in theory how the sweater worked, but it still was pretty amazing to fold that crazy thing up and get a little sweater. I also love the idea of doing holes on both sides – I actually just finished a sweater that did the same thing, and used the holes to line up the buttons – great idea!

  4. The baby sweater is adorable! And I love how it was knit. Very cool. Love the colors too. Bright and summery. The beaded bracelet is beautiful. The kitties have great taste 😉

    • thanks, Ginny! They do have great taste! The sweater is not in my normal colors, but they felt wonderful while I was knitting them – spring leaves and flowers! Ours are still buried in snow.

  5. Love the sweater! The bracelet is gorgeous. A lot of work done. The kitten photo is adorable. Having inspectors is crucial.

    • Thanks! Sometimes the inspectors leave me alone fro days at a time. Other times, they are all over my every move. This day, I had had the door open to poke my arm out, and so they thought they might get to go eat birds. I think they thought the bracelet was a fancy one that came in just for them. 🙂

  6. I love your bracelets, they look so pretty. I see your kitties love them as well. 🙂
    Have a great day, hope it warm soon.

    • Thank you! I just got photos of the most recent bracelet, without cats. I’ll post them later on today. As fro warming up, they SAY we will get some rain on Thursday, that is good news! Of course, it is followed by snow on Friday, and snow showers on Saturday, but a day of rain should go a long way toward melting some of the piles we have!

      • I will then cross my fingers, and hope you get rain. I love rain. We are having a bit of rainy weather at the moment, but that means its still kind of summer, as we wont get rain during the winter months. Some trees have turned yellow, but only a very few. Its still pretty green for now. 🙂

        • I love rain, too – as long as we don’t get it every weekend all summer! But this time of year, it is wonderful, it melts snow, it eventually makes things grow. Yeah! Glad you are still having your summer weather – may it last as long as you want.

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