Tuesday at home

Somehow in my mind I thought when I “just” am doing taxes for work I would have tons of free time and ambition.

Turns out, not so much of either. Our region lost several seasoned volunteers this year, and while we picked up some great new ones, new ones are not in a position to replace seasoned ones.  It takes time to learn all the tricks of tax prep.  So, I have been helping out at different sites around the map, and that has meant not so many free days.

I have endless big project lists, but what I really want to do is sit on the couch and knit, and I have done a lot of that.

Today is technically a free day, although I do have a remote site review with the IRS on the phone today. That’s where they call and run through a  list of questions to make sure we are following the rules.  It’s in place of the old random site visits where they came to see if we were doing everything right.  But since 1.) they have no travel money and 2.) the nearest IRS person is over 2 hours away, we haven’t seen them in a few years.  I guess they think that remote reviews are better than none.  I am not too sure they are effective, unless someone doesn’t know what they are supposed to be doing? Anyway, I have already had one of these this year for one of my sites, so I am not too worried about this one. More of an annoyance than anything else, on what should be a free day!

This morning I am washing the comforter cover – a not unusual thing, but it is for an unusual reason.  This morning, I got up early with A, and while she showered, I went and got a cup of coffee, then climbed back into bed.  I have a huge pile of pillows right now, because I have a cold, and it is easier to sleep propped up.  So, I snuggled into my pillows with coffee in hand, and the pillows started wriggling under me. Coffee, of course spilled as I sat up, quite startled.  Not, though, as startled as Zumba was to first get squished in her soft hidey hole, and then, as she bolted from it, to have coffee dumped on her.  Luckily I use a lot of cream, so it wasn’t hot. It was not the quiet relaxing start to the day either of us anticipated!

Other things I will do today include heading to the PO to mail off an Etsy order!  Woot hoot!  (Thanks very much, WoodGranny, I know who you are, and appreciate the sale.)

Also the library, as I have more than a few books, some of which I fear are overdue… not reading as much as I thought I would this month.  And maybe 8 books was a bit over zealous…

And a quick grocery trip for odds and ends.

Then home, where I hope to make a few cards for Etsy.  I sold both of the ones I made last week – and so want to put a few more up to take their place.

Block my most recently finished bracelet, and take photos of both bracelets for you to see.  One came out really fine, if I do say so myself, the other I will have to see after it is blocked.  I don’t feel like I did a perfect job on the trim.  But I know now how I will do it next time – a bit differently than the pattern says, because it was hard to keep track of what I was doing. If you ever do attached beaded I cord on size 1 needles with slippery silk, let me know, I will tell you my tip. 🙂

It is likely that I will work on the sleeves to the baby sweater which are moving along nicely, the blue linen stitch scarf – which, although feeling endless, does show some modest results from my forcing myself to work on it some each day (thank you Knitting Sarah for teaching this to me!) and I might knit up the earrings that are the reason I went to the bead store last week.  They don’t take too long to do.

Please notice that no where on this plan do you see things like

clean the house

paint the guest room

paint the laundry and mud room

make curtains for laundry and mudroom

paint the loft

build porch swing

clean and rearrange the living room

Those are the sort of things I thought I would be doing this winter, but they will just have to wait until spring. The real spring.  Not the meteorological one that started weeks ago, nor the astrological one that starts this week, but the real one that starts when the snow is gone, the mud is drying out, and things are growing.  You know, the one that comes in July. (I know I said I wouldn’t talk about the weather, but really!  It just keeps snowing! There are warm days in between, which is fabulous, but I wish it would STOP.)

Oh, a PS for you birders.  This newbie identified a new bird at the feeder this week – the white-breasted nuthatch.  As I have not seen him before, I have to assume that we are getting new birds around now – almost like it is spring?


13 thoughts on “Tuesday at home”

  1. Sounds like you have quite the “to-do” list today. So much for a free day, huh? I totally understand how you want to be sitting and stitching. I love when I think I have free days and time to stitch only to find myself at the end of the day and the “to-do” list took way longer than I had anticipated or other things kept popping up in between. Have fun doing your errands and I hope all goes smoothly so that you can get that nice, relaxing stitch time.

  2. The real spring…the one that comes in July, LOL. Hope you feel better soon. Poor Zumba. I had a tiny, tiny kitten that used to love to burrow behind sofa pillows, bed pillows, etc. I was forever afraid to sit down unless she was visible.

    1. lol, I will be now! But Zumba is far from tiny – 14 pounds! so I was really surprised to find her there. I look for her now before I lean against any cushions. Allie is the one we usually watch out for – she hides under the covers if the door bell rings or a truck comes up the driveway. Only trouble is, she hides so well, she can not tell when it is safe to come out. 🙂 She has stayed in there for hours at a time if we aren’t paying attention to let her know to come out. But we have never sat on her. 🙂

  3. Crikey! You are calling that a free day? Keep up the entertaining posts! Whatever happened to staying in your pyjamas until at least lunchtime on a free day?? Saying that, I also haven’t done that in a very long time!

    1. 🙂 I did that all weekend, so today I was up and at’em. Partly because of the coffee incident, of course. Might have lounged longer without it.

  4. The White-breasted Nuthatch is a year round resident. But it can take time for some birds to find a feeder. There are reports in southern Maine of our Spring Migrants starting to show up: American Woodcock and Red-WInged Blackbirds among the first to be reported. And our winter visitors are mostly gone: Common Redpolls and Pine Siskins, for example.

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