In the pink

When I was a little kid, in the grades, I never, ever wore green, but most especially never, ever on March 17th.  My mother came from a family with a strong Scots/English heritage, and she always put an orange ribbon in my hair for school this day.  I didn’t really understand it all then, but I knew one thing –  I was the only kid in the class who wasn’t Irish and proud of it on March 17th.

Here’s the funny part.  My Dad does have some Irish in his background – along with French, German, and Scots. But my mother was having none of that.  She pointed out that the Scots far outweighed the Irish in her children.  🙂

Then, when I was a teen, my dad married an Irish-American woman who was rightly proud of her family’s heritage.  Suddenly, there was no talk of me owning anything orange on March 17th! I had better get some green hair ribbons. For many years, I wore green AND orange hair ribbons on St Paddy’s Day.

Truthfully?  I don’t look good in green OR orange. So, just to keep the peace and me looking my best, today I am wearing pink. I think pink looks nice with green and orange.  But not both at once.


7 thoughts on “In the pink”

  1. I’m wearing orange today and was yesterday as it happens! I grew up in Ireland but although I remember St Patrick’s Day being fun it doesn’t resonate and it means nothing here. Pink is GOOD

  2. I missed the whole Irish thing while growing up. I thought it absurd, all the green. It was the 1960s and anything that even had a whiff of tradition was disdained.

  3. Wear your pink and be happy with it. As long as a colour makes you happy, why not. Just look at our flag, and the abundant load of colours, we can really choose! 🙂 Mostly we tend to go for the Green though!

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