Another Friday the 13th?

Friday this week is another tax day.  I am helping out in a site I don’t usually work at, in Hampden.  I expect it will be all day, BUT on the off-chance I get out early, I will bring the list of materials I need at the bead store in Bangor.  🙂

That’s right, need.  Mom ordered some earrings,  I have the silk but not the right beads.  So, I just need to pick up a couple of tubes. ROTFL.  It’s true, it really is and I will try to restrain myself from getting anything not on that list.

If I don’t get them tomorrow, I will do so on Saturday – another tax day in the Bangor area, that is supposed to get done earlier. Of course, it may be “snow/mixed precip”-ing by then, but I hope not.

Not a very exciting Friday list, I know, but it is tax season after all.  It will all be over soon.


10 thoughts on “Another Friday the 13th?”

  1. I forgot it’s Friday the 13th. Cripes, I have medical testing to see if I have colitis and to round off the day, root canal in the evening. How could I have made these appointments and not recognized the date?

    1. I hope that the second Friday the 13 was for luck in your case! How did it all go? We have one more Fri 13 this year, tehn none for 11 years – yippee!

    1. it IS fun, although it can be overwhelming, for sure. In this case, I had a particular design in mind, so I know that I need a certain number of beads in two sizes that coordinated well. Other times,I go just waiting to be inspired. that is much more expensive, lol! It does help to know, say that I want to make a particular thing in a basic color – like, red earrings, or a black necklace. I still get distracted, but I at least come away with something useful.

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