Last Friday in February – THANK GOODNESS!

Here in eastern Maine, we have experienced not just the snowiest month on record, but the coldest February ever recorded.  And not just February- the coldest month recorded here. It got above freezing for one half hour this month.  That is just ridiculous. All I can say is “thank heavens this month is over!

Yesterday I went to Portland With Mom to knit with sister C.  We stopped in Bath for a quick bit of yarn shopping.  Actually, C asked us to stop and get a few bags of the knit loops used to make those fabulous potholders.  Niece E was very excited to see them when she got home from school!  I got out of the store with only one planned purchase – a cone of the silk yarn I used to make jewelry – Mom wants me to make a custom pair for a gift, and I didn’t have anything right for that person.  Now I have sunny gold, which she wants to have some green beads. Not sure how I will like that, I might recommend some rust in there as well, we will see.  I have to go to the bead store next week, see what they have that inspires me.

We had a good day, just sitting and talking and knitting – and lunching, of course.  That sister of mine can make the simplest meal so delicious.  All with ordinary ingredients, but they taste better when she puts them out than when I do.  🙂  Plus, she serves it in the cups and bowls she has made. That makes it even more special.

The bad news is that I don’t think E’s knee socks will fit her, but I think she likes them, so I will get some more of that yarn and try again.  Luckily, it is readily available and not horribly expensive.  They were long enough, but the legs were too skinny.  That means more purple and pink knee socks in my future. 🙂

So, what’s on for today?

Nothing too exciting.  I did the laundry earlier this week, so it can wait until later in the weekend.  I already did a bit of work, and will do a bit more, then turn in my time sheet.  I am finally feeling like I am getting the break I craved – I only worked a total of about 15 hours over the last two weeks!  YEAH!  The next two weeks will be much busier, but I feel better able to cope.  Of course, I have not gotten the things done around the house that I had hoped to, but I feel like that will change. The days are getting longer, I am feeling more distance from the stress of work, so I will get moving and productive soon.  Meanwhile, I knit…

Today I hope to finish the double knit cowl.  It is thicker and heavier than I could have imagined, so I am just doing one pattern repeat, or it will be a muff for my head!  However, I feel ready to try my design idea now with this technique.\

I plan to write up my notes on the angora hat and see if there is a pattern there.  Then figure out if I want to sell the thing.  I mean, I do, but there is work to be done ahead of that – that is what I want to figure out if I can do.  🙂  Lots of blog reading to do on the subject.

I already called EBS and asked them to yes please, deliver a ton of pellets today.  That is our 5th ton for this winter.  Unbelievable how we have gone through them.  (See first paragraph!) Hopefully, it will start to warm up, at least during the days so that consumption slows down.  And we are so thankful that we have this stove and that it works and keeps our house cozy and warm.

I emailed my boss and asked for a meeting to talk about grants to write – not sure if he will have time for that today or if that meeting will be next week.  There are a couple of opportunities that are due in April, so I will see if he wants to pay me to work on them.  🙂

I’ll go to the PO and see if any of my recent Etsy purchases have arrived. Do you know there are the most interesting buttons there?   🙂

A slow easy day.

21 thoughts on “Last Friday in February – THANK GOODNESS!”

    1. Lol – but you are in NY, which has gotten hit pretty darned hard as well. And you have ice, which we (thankfully) have not had this winter. Mom and I were talking about this yesterday on our road trip to Portland – this much snow is not unusual – but usually it accumulates over 3 or 4 months, not all in 6 weeks. It is affecting our brains. But I notice even though it is cold out, the sun is melting the snow on the roof. Spring?

      1. The animal life down here, the birds especially are sending all the signals of Spring. Last night we had a skunk around the house. The appearance of skunks just scream Spring. So the winter hibernators are starting to stir. With the amount of snow and ice we have, I worry about them finding enough food.

        1. Yes – I would love to have a skunk walk by! My sister says she saw one on the sidewalk in POrtlanda few weeks ago – she felt sorry for it (if you could see the streets of Portland, you would as well – HUGE piles between sidewalk and street – poor skunk could only walk up the street, no way out, no where else to go. I did hear a chickadee mating call recently, but that is about it. I worry the phoebes will come back too soon…

    1. thanks, we can sure use it! Our days are getting appreciably longer, so there is hope. I’ll be sure to post the earrings when I make them – and all the other things I make with the many yards that will be leftover. 🙂

        1. How I wish I could send this one to you! It just doesn’t seem to end. We are fortunate this week – the main storms are staying south of us, so we are just getting a couple of inches every day or so. And being March, the storms are a bit warmer -which will mean fast melting (bad) and ice (worse) but it doesn’t stick around long.

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