Friday list – back in the deep freeze

cats in condo

Brrrr….good morning! It’s so cold the cats are hanging out together in their “condo,” which rarely happens.

I sit here looking out a frozen, snow-covered landscape, and can hardly believe that there is a possibility of Sunday’s storm being rain.  That thought really frightens me, as following the storm we go back  to arctic temperatures. What would we do with feet of ICE over everything?

So, that gets me to the first thing on my list this morning.

– Call the world’s best plow guy and ask him to come over this afternoon to clean up the driveway while we are both out.

– I’ll be out, because I have to take A’s car in for servicing this afternoon.  Just the regular 200,000 mile check up.  I do love our Toyotas!

– I’ll also stop at the grocery store for a few things they don’t have in our small-sized store.

– Hit the PO, of course while I am out.

Before that, I’ll just be hanging at home, and I hope to get the following done:

– Block the hat I knit yesterday, which is for the Etsy shop

– Knit on the projects I have going, and cast on another hat.

blue linen 2 19

– Start the weekend laundry, of course.

It seems I will be going outside today!  I haven’t done that in a few days.  I have been a regular couch slug, on this first real week of no work obligations. But my knitting has progressed, and I have cleaned all the Grey’s Anatomy episodes out of the DVR.  I think I can finally say I have seen the whole series and am up to date on the comings and goings of Seattle Grace Hospital.  These things are important, after all.

Have a happy Friday, and keep warm!  (Or cool, if you are lucky enough to live south of the equator.)


12 thoughts on “Friday list – back in the deep freeze”

    1. They are happy, but they have a bit of cabin fever. They have been playing together! Usually they take turns playing. Now they go get each other to play. It is pretty fun to watch.

        1. We got these two when they were very small, and they are littermates. They don’t play together as much as we thought they would, but they definitely interact a lot!

    1. it is the coldest February on record. Ever. Last time I saw the stats, our average temp was 4 degrees – F. it boggles the mind. So go for your walk and have a good time with your friend. But bundle up!

  1. It’s so cold and with the wind chill factor that any exposed skin actually hurts. We have the same forecast as you. I can’t imagine the quantity of ice we may have to deal with. I hope it stays as all snow and that they are wrong.

    1. Wish we could trade weather – just for a few days! And no, you keep knitting – when cold weather comes, you will be glad you did. Of course, you might not want to knit a huge blanket….

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