More progress… and today on my needles

I stayed up very late last night, but did finish the knitting on the blue Triinu shawl.  Yeah!

This morning I blocked it.  I love that something can go from this:

triinu near the end 2 15

to this…

blocking Triinu 1

to this…

blocking Triinu 2

to this!

blocking Triinu 3

Look at this pattern – it amazes me that it can be made with yarn and sticks.

blocking Triinu 4

Of course, it apparently takes months.  🙂

I really pushed myself to stay focused on this and the blue sweater this week, I wanted them off my needles and in my wardrobe, and I wanted to work on other projects.  As lovely as these are, they were getting to be tedious.

And now I am free to work on this project.  And cast on one or two other things.

Charleston 2 17

Life is good!

Here are a couple of non-knitting photos for you – a week ago we had a sunny day. And it was warm enough that I got off two shots before the camera batteries died of the cold. This is the best one. I don’t even know how to tell you how deep that snow is, except that when I stand on the ground, the lower deck rail in the near corner is above my shoulder.  So what’s that?  4 feet or so on the ground?  Ugh.

house in snow

Here’s a photo of Allie.  She has a new best thing – the minute I pull the purple internet cable out to log on, she comes flying, throws herself on it, rolls around and then goes to sleep.  We like to say that Allie loves to be on the internet.  But that’s just our lame joke.  🙂 Note that she is sleeping directly beside a very cozy basket bed. She’s some cat!

allie on the internet

19 thoughts on “More progress… and today on my needles”

  1. Oh your shawl is beautiful! The stitches are so lovely. It must have taken you a long time to do all that intricate knitting. Great job! So glad I don’t live where you do. I really hate snow and winter and guess where I live…Michigan! Though we have been lucky this year…knock on wood! I am so ready for Spring.

    1. lol – MICHIGAN! You usually get lots of winter, don’t you? This is excessive for us – or, actually, getting it so fast is excessive. We often have this much, but it takes longer to pile up than it did this year. two more snowy things in the forecast for this week as well, I am with you – come on spring!

      Tanks for the compliment on the shawl. It did take a few months, but I knit other things as well. I think it was about 60-70 hours of knitting. But I don’t like to think about that. 🙂

    1. Thanks! Yes, the snow is amazing and overwhelming. Which is why when there is a sunny day, we race outside, even if it is below zero, I race outside for photos. 🙂

  2. Is amazing how much snow the Northeast’s getting. The lace of your shawl looks like to a non or beginner knitter advanced. It feels like it’s been blessed by a mermaid princess.

    1. I like that – mermaid princess! Truthfully, the patterns in the book, “Knitted Lace of Estonia” by Nancy Bush are so well written and explained that a solid intermediate knitter should be OK with it. It just takes a long time.

  3. Yes, I thought those were nupps I saw in your lovely shawl. Your stitch work is beautiful. It really turned out gorgeous. The kitten is into cables. She’s a poster child for kitten cable nirvana.

    1. Thank you! I love making these things, even if they seem to take forever and bore me at the end, blocking them makes me love them all over again.

      That kitten is a funny one – she is very shy, very few people besides me, A, and the vet have ever seen her. But she will come out from hiding whenever the internet cable is uncoiled. She doesn’t play with it, she just loves it and sleeps on it. She’s a funny one. 🙂

  4. Stunning shawl. Love the blue so much. What is the new project, it looks yummy? Such a good rich colour.
    And so much snow!! Wow. Never experienced that.
    😉 Allie is the cutest ever. Some cat indeed.

    1. Thank you! The project is a Charleston baby sweater. you can see the pattern here –
      the yarn I am using is Baby Ull, in a color I would not normally choose, but I like it for this project – non-traditional, warm and cozy. 🙂
      Yes, so much snow. Sigh. More coming tomorrow. I can’t remember the last time we had a crazy winter like this. I think Allie is very cute, also. And she is very soft and silky. Sometimes I wish I could figure out how to make yarn out of her fur. 🙂

      1. Thanks for the link to the pattern. It is most unique. That colour just works, it is really warm and cozy. 🙂
        I love cats. And dogs. 🙂 They are just the cutest when you come home after a long day. Makes me smile each time. 🙂

        1. You are welcome! The designer blogs at slippedstitches, if you want to read her hysterical writing about her design process. 🙂 I do like her things because they are very unique and well thought out.

  5. At least Allie likes the internet cable – better than your best yarn. Love your photo of the house – quite impressive.

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