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This morning A asked me what I thought I would do today.

“Well, since it is sunny out, I think I will put on that blue sweater and ask you to take some photos of me in it for the blog and Ravelry.”


“OK, but we will have to work fast, the batteries in the camera don’t last long in the cold.”

“Wait a minute – we are doing this outside?”

“Well, yes – that’s where the sun is.”

“You’re crazy.”

Maybe… I will say it was darned cold! Luckily, she worked fast and we got back in.  So the photos aren’t fancy, but you can see the lace.  I am glad I made the sleeves a couple of inches short – the lace grew quite a bit with blocking.  I think it fits very well, which is a pleasant surprise, since I could not get a feel for it, due to the nature of lace and blocking.

back blue sweater complete 2 16 a

blue sweater complete 2 16

I like the pattern for the button plackets – garter stitching with a row of eyelets – then, once it is done, you figure out which of the eyelets become button holes.  Sweet!  I did a decent job making the two sides the same, so the eyelets matched up.  Made placing buttons really easy.

blue sweater closeup 2 16

These are the buttons I used – from my Grandmother ages ago. Not sure if they are antique or just vintage, but they are sweet.  They are very three dimensional, with a mirror like surface in the back – I think this close up catches some of the glinting through the openwork.  They are a brass/bronze colored metal (I thought they were silver, then I polished them.  🙂 )

blue sweater buttons

That’s it – blue sweater finished.  You can read more about the details on my Ravelry project page here. I expect I will get a lot of use out of it, I have been feeling the lack of a navy sweater for a long time.  And the good news is I only used half the yarn I had.  I wonder what else I will make?


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20 responses to “Blue sweater in photos

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  1. Love this sweater! It looks wonderful on you. The buttons are fantastic. I especially love the vintage ones. Tell A great pictures.

    • Thank you! She tells me my cheerful smile looks more like a grimace from the cold and wind and bright sunshine (not being used to such a thing, after all!) but I ignore such comments, lol.

      I agree – old buttons are the best. I have had these fro years, never wanted to use them because then I would no longer have them. But I have recently learned that you can replace buttons when discarding garments, it just takes a few minutes. So I am starting to use the ones I have collected over the years.

  2. Your sweater looks great! I love the lace.

  3. FANTASTIC cardigan! I love it! That lace is perfect and the button band just perfect. You must have worked so hard on that! The colour suits you as well. You do look a bit cold though – how totally bonkers to go outside in the snow! I would *never* do anything so mad 😉
    What on earth are you going to knit on now? Hasn’t this been an epic project?!

    • lol thank you – yes, we were bonkers, but the sun was shining!

      I am working madly to finish the Estonian lace tonight. Determined to do so, in fact. I just have one border left to knit, then tomorrow I can block it. These two have been on my needles for months, in the rotation, not ignored, so I am glad to finally finish them. I will concentrate on my baby sweater designed by Slipped Stitches, and get that moving along faster, but I might get distracted. In my head, I have an experiment with linen and beads on a scarf, and need to do some hats for the Etsy store to keep it fresh. But there might be some Laura Nelkin things in there as well, I have those two kits I bought , they are staring at me from the knitting project pile. 🙂 So many free needles! I feel a case of start-itis coming on!

  4. To many perfects, but hopefully my enthusiasm for a great project comes through!

  5. The lace is so lovely. One can tell of all the hard work and love you out into it. The buttons are vintage cool.

    • Thanks, Kepanie! Lots of hard work, and I still don’t know why, it is NOT a complicated pattern, but it just doesn’t work like my brain does. Still, I think it was worth it in the end. 🙂

  6. absolutely gorgeous! I really love the lace effect and the scalloped bit all around the bottom and wrists of sleeves. As for the buttons – a perfect choice.

  7. Stunning sweater, it is beautiful. Good job with the buttons, they are perfectly suited. 🙂

  8. Your cardigan is lovely and those buttons are the perfect finishing touch!

  9. Just stunning work, so much skill and love has gone into it. It shows, in every stitch! 😻

  10. I love your sweater!! So pretty. I Love the buttons too!! Great job.

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