A different kind of blizzard

It seems our storm went a little bit south and a little bit east, and so we are getting frigid cold, extremely high winds, and a few inches of snow.

It is fun to watch the weathermen do a fancy dance that somehow winds up with them having predicted the weather accurately – as in, Friday night, after 20 minutes of dire predictions and warnings about the 2 feet of snow, whole gale winds and sub-zero temps headed our way, they threw in a quick line “if it goes a bit east, we will get much less, if it goes a bit west, we will get a lot more.” So, they got it right.

Whatever.  I am still not going outside.  Because they did get the wind and temperature right.

I am knitting and watching the birds on the feeders (mostly easily identified chickadees, so far.) And the TV is on, CBS Sunday Morning, lots of feel-good love news. And jewels.

We had a nice Valentine’s Day – went out to dinner Friday night, because of the impending doom. A got me a card and a bag of heart-shaped peppermint patties, I got her a card and a small box of goldfish crackers (can’t afford real gold.) 🙂 and we are both happy. Because it isn’t about one day, it is about every day. So no jewels or gold, just lots of love.


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