Southwest Harbor Library

I am sitting here in the sweet library (award winning, according to the news paper story framed downstairs!) reading the blogs between tax appointments, and I realized it is Friday.  And I never gave you a list!

Here it is –

Taxes, Southwest Harbor (big surprise, right?)

Check weather  dot com and any other source I can think of, hoping that one of them will change the forecast for Saturday night and Sunday so we don’t get another blizzard.  Haven’t found it yet.  My co-volunteer is looking at activities in the Grand Caymans. He did not win the Powerball, so not sure how he thinks this is possible, but it helps him deal with the winter, I guess.

Knit occasionally on the baby sweater I brought along.  I am slowly making progress on the back.  Tiny yarn and needles mean slow progress.  I am still loving the pattern and keep thinking about how to make it large human sized…

Go home, chill in front of the fire.

Tomorrow we will run around like crazy people, doing errands, getting the last of the shoveling done before the next onslaught. I hope we will find time to go have a nice lunch for Valentine’s Day – we decided not to go out for dinner, given the forecast.  Which, just to keep you in the loop is now calling for 20-26 inches of snow in a 24 hour period, WITH LOCALLY HIGHER AMOUNTS.  Why do they have to add insult to injury with a statement like that?  2 feet of snow isn’t enough, they have to give some of us the threat of even more?

I am almost done with my blue sweater sleeves, and only have a few more pattern repeats on the Estonian lace  before I start the border.  Since next week I have very little work I have to do, I am setting a goal of finishing them both up soon.  A big Sunday blizzard will help with that effort.  That’s the silver lining, right?

Gotta run and do another tax return.  I hope these people had health insurance last year….


4 thoughts on “Southwest Harbor Library”

  1. Once the back is done, the sweater goes much faster. I ache for you up in snow land. Snow, unlike rain, brings the things that really matter in life into sharp perspective. Simply walking up to the barn today in thigh deep snow woke all my senses to the fact that I was alive. I wasn’t sure I was making the return trip, but damn if I hadn’t made it to the barn without a heat attack, stroke or deadly exhaustion.

    1. yes, it is true. And I am glad you made it there and back safely! We cleaned up all the edges of everything today, finally finished the darned path to the vent. Now that it is done, it doesn’t look so bad. But it was hard work getting it done. And we can start all over again Monday.

      The back is showing signs of progress – about 7 inches now, and I’ll have more knitting time this week. 🙂

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