A wide array of updates

Life has been busy lately, what with taxes and shoveling and more taxes and more shoveling.

Not as much knitting time as I would like, but still some progress to show.

But first…

My sister has these really cool business cards.  The finish, colors, paper, etc are all simply elegant.  She told me where she got them, and I checked it out.  I wanted some cards to give to people when they asked about how to reach me, where my Etsy shop is, etc.  I also wanted to give them to my cousin’s wife, who requested them so she can spread the word about where she got her fabulous hat.  🙂  I was pleased that they let me order a very small order (50 cards) at a reasonable price. So, I ordered the cards and they came very fast and are just fabulous.  Even better – they gave me a URL to use to refer friends.  Full disclosure – if you use it and place an order, I do get a credit against future orders (which I will definitely have!) and you get a discount on this order. So, check it out and get yourself some fabulous cards or other printed material – whatever you ever dreamed of.  Click here for the discount or just go check out Moo.com yourself.  But you won’t get the 10% discount unless you click through the link.  🙂

What else?

Well, we missed a storm this week!  Very exciting for us – it did snow for what felt like a trillion days in a row, but it didn’t add up to much more than 6-8 inches – yeah!  Condolences to my Massachusetts cousins, however, who were not so lucky.  It seems that Boston passed us on total snow fall – by about a foot this week.  Another chance for the race to continue as two more storms are in the forecast for the weekend.  Really? As it is, they announced this morning that the 53 inches on the ground at the Bangor Airport is a record of some sort.  Which means poor Eastport with their seven feet of snow must hold some kind of bigger record.   I’ll be shoveling later today, we are still working on clearing the backyard so we can get to the vent more easily.

Tax season started last Monday – it snowed, we got out early.  Next tax day was Thursday, it snowed, we did not get out early, but I was able to send three volunteers home due to cancellations.  Friday was tax day in Milbridge, and it did NOT snow!  We were there all day.  Saturday, tax day in Bangor, no snow again! We got in a  full day.  Monday, we were back at the Ellsworth Library, and it snowed again.  But this time, just steady, not a true storm, so we were able to stay all day and crank through some returns.  It has been intense, with all the changes, and so many people not understanding that the Affordable Care Act was serious when it said health insurance is required.  We, the lucky tax volunteers, get to tell them that the penalty is not always 95 dollars, sometimes it is 1% of income.  Oops!  The fine print.  Makes it hard to feel like you really help people when they leave so angry.  But then you help someone who is not expecting anything good to happen and  you lead them to a sweet credit that changes everything.  So the week was really draining, it also was really good.  I have great volunteers and they make it fun to do this work.

We were busy at the tax sites, though, so I did not get as much knitting done as I will in March when things settle down.  Thus, today, a day off, I worked on everything.  I finished the third necklace for my friend and her daughters, they are all blocked and just drying nicely.

necklaces complete 2 10

I did another repeat on the lace scarf, only three or four more to go!  And a pattern repeat on the sleeves of the blue sweater, I am at about 13 inches now, unblocked, so I have a few more inches to go on that.  And, I knit a few rows on the baby sweater.

on my needles 2 10

Working my way up the back, it is my mobile project, so hasn’t seen much attention lately.  I want to get the blue sweater done before I start the linen scarf, because I know I will get distracted, and have 3/4 of a blue sweater for months if I set it aside. I have so many fun projects in my little IKEA cart beside the couch.  They are all calling my name, and I am resisting a case of cast-on-itis.  🙂

Even though we haven’t gotten a lot of snow in a few days, we are still digging out the path to the back yard vent (and by chance the satellite dish) which is incredibly slow going and hard work. A did a lot of it on Saturday while I was doing taxes,  and I will do a bit of it today.

I also will head up to the craft room today and make the rest of the Valentines so I can mail them tomorrow on my way to Ellsworth.  I am having lunch with a coworker, and so will be in the “big city” with no work to do, for a change.  I like it! (PS I sold another Valentine on Etsy!!  Small sales, but very exciting to me.)

So that is what I am up to today – nothing earth shattering or exciting, just more of the same.  Slow progress on everything. A couple of days off to get caught up on things around the house.


16 thoughts on “A wide array of updates”

  1. Wow, you have been busy! 🙂
    I wish I had more time to craft as well. I adore the necklaces, they are absolutely stunning. Going to be very popular.
    Stay warm and all the best with the snow and taxes.

    1. I hope they are! I love them, and love making them, but as yet, haven’t sold many, so I make them as gifts for girls I know. Maybe build demand?

      It is nice having time for crafting these days. Always have the knitting with me, so if I sit, I knit.

      1. They are the perfect gift! I am sure the demand will come as they become “popular” 🙂
        I should adopt your attitude: If I sit, I knit. I do that at home, but don’t always have time at the office. I should “make time” 🙂

  2. The necklaces are lovely. You’ve had a busy week. I can’t imagine the stress of doing other people’s taxes. Do they react as if you pulled out their teeth without anesthesia?

    1. lol – this year, many do. The ones who did not pay attention to the fact that they are supposed to have health insurance. Those who did are generally happier. It is definitely more stressful this year, but our training is so good that we are pretty confident of what we are doing. And we always check each other’s work, so typos get caught. 🙂

  3. Nothing like a snowstorm to get some things done around the house, isn’t it? Thanks for the link on Moo.com – just ordered some cards from them too, so waiting to see how they look like when i get them.

    1. Oh, if you already ordered, I don’t know if they will give you the discount. Bummer. But I think you will really like the cards you ordered. I am already thinking about photos for the next order.

      1. Yes, I got the discount, by clicking on the link on your post. 🙂 Can’t wait to see what they look like. I used the original photos I had; didn’t have enough time to update the photo logs. I also got the mini-cards for my charity/cause, which I can use as gift tags as well. And for my next order, I’m thinking about the stickers …

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