It’s glittering out!

The sun is shining weakly through low clouds, and it is snowing, and the sun is sparkling on the snow as it falls,  It is just beautiful.

Or, it would be if it wasn’t FREAKING SNOWING.  Again.

We are in the 4-8 forecast for tonight and tomorrow.  Today?  Just flurries and light snow.  Which means I need to go out and keep shoveling.  I did it for 3 hours yesterday and didn’t finish.  Today I will work on the driveway, and clearing the deck off the bedroom. I think I have shoveling elbow and shoulder. On both sides.

If I am feeling patient, I will try to start the snow blower.  Yes, we have one.  We just can’t get it started, and right now, it is under 4 feet of snow. So I will dig it out and try again. After all, it is warm out today.  You know, like 19 or something crazy like that. Maybe it will start

My reward will be hot chocolate and knitting.

And getting to do it all again tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “It’s glittering out!”

  1. Know that you are not alone. Digging out, trying to get the ice off the driveway and walk way while the temps remain well below freezing is the epitome of the word insanity.

    1. lol I was thinking of that definition of insanity – doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Maybe if I want it to stop snowing, I should stop shoveling?

    1. lol – gotta laugh, right? sadly, when it does go away, it will do it slowly with lots of mud – which is why we call spring “mud season”. but I look forward to it!

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