It’s everywhere, even “inside”.  This screened porch just doesn’t look inviting to me right now.  We haven’t had time to shovel it out completely, but several times we have cleared the way out the door.  Can’t really tell, can you?

snow 2 3 d

snow 2 3 f

snow 2 3 e

This drift is over my head when standing on the ground outside.  The annoyingly hard to keep clear heating vent is on the far side of it.

snow 2 3 a

I have shoveled this deck down to bare boards at least three times in the past week.  I guess I will do it again today. At least the wind has made interesting shapes.

The trouble is, there isn’t really anyplace else to put the snow!  We have one corner where the drift isn’t up to the deck floor.  I expect I will fill that today.  And since the ground falls away fast from the side of this deck, having no place to put the snow is a bit alarming!

snow 2 3 b

We have given up digging from the deck to the driveway – can you blame us? While this isn’t the worst we have seen it, it is still pretty bad – that snow is hip high at least, between the plowing and shoveling, there is no place else to put it.

snow 2 3 c

Another view – after we dug Amy’s car out this morning, she moved it here so we could clean the parking area.  See the big pile behind the car?  that is at the lower parking area, and is WAY over my head when I stand beside it.  Make me VERY glad we have the world’s best plow man!

I am glad the sun is shining today, and that the temp will get above 0 (f).  I am not sure it did yesterday.  Tomorrow, I hear we will get into the mid-teens! Before dropping back into the sub-zero world, of course.

And we might get another storm tomorrow night.  I think it is one of those things they will be able to predict accurately in their rearview mirrors….

now I have to get shoveling, talk to you later!


11 thoughts on “Snow”

  1. Oh My! I don’t think I have ever seen that much snow. I can refer to the “blizzard of” in my city on one hand. Actually, 2 fingers. I think I would just give up and stay inside. Of course, the food issue might become problematic. LOL

    1. we do, if it isn’t too cold. Allie just tries to get down the driveway, Zumba likes to settle down and wait fro birds. Since they are indoor cats, we don’t leave them out unattended, even on the screen porch, so they don’t stay out long, we get cold. 🙂

  2. Oh, my–you’ve really been slammed! I lived in Buffalo for years and remember that problem of simply not having anywhere to put the shovelsful of snow–crazy!

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