on my needles

This has been a week with lots of knitting time between shoveling.  Not thrilled that they just upped the snow inches forecast for tomorrow, but I haven’t figured out what to do about it.  Except keep knitting.

Here’s what I have worked on this weekend.


blue sweater 2 1

Charleston baby sweater back

Charleston 2 1

purple silk “Rippled” flew off my needles in a couple of hours yesterday. Still not blocked, so it hasn’t relaxed yet, but trust me, it shimmers and shines.  🙂

necklace 2 1


5 thoughts on “on my needles”

  1. Stay safe and warm. I love all the knitting. It’s grand. By the way, all of my designs can be knit and sold. I should probably put that in the notes .

    1. that is very generous of you! I will likely take you up on that! We are having a half snow day – I was supposed to do taxes all day at the library, but they closed early. A got out early too, so we are watching last night’s Downton Abbey and I am knitting away while I surf. 🙂

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