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It turns out my forecast was pretty accurate, although the wind *might* have been more fierce than I expected.  We got about 14-16 inches of snow, I would guess, although there is no place to really measure it accurately, that is what the towns around us report.  It is still snowing lightly, but the storm is pulling away, and we should see sun this afternoon.  Yeah!

In spite of my shoveling the vent out periodically all day Tuesday, it still clogged and so we have no hot water or radiant heat until the plumber comes over.  I called early, they will call me back when they get a feel for the schedule.  Since we have electricity, we have our pellet stove and of course, the wood stove in the cellar, so the house is quite warm.  However, that means that I have to stay close to home to keep fire going and pellets in the hopper.  And today is the day I was to head over to Mom’s for a visit.  I am bummed. Not to mention the lack of hot water for washing people and dishes and laundry… also a bummer.

I did, however finish the mittens last night, and I wore them out to shovel this morning – so much warmer than my acrylic gloves!  I used Elizabeth’s Zimmerman’s thumb trick, and really like it.  Obviously, I went with a solid thumb, and struggled with keeping the alternating stitch pattern while increasing for the thumb gusset.  I have some ideas how to deal with that the next time, like make the thumb gusset solid, and the thumb. Or do the increases together in the center of the gusset so the pattern isn’t interrupted.  But that won’t be for a while, these were far more work than I expected when I blithely cast them on.  🙂

mittens jan 28

Here’s another shot of something with progress to show – at last!  The blue sweater body, all blocked and drying out, waiting for me to finish knitting the sleeves, which are about 3 or 4 inches long at the moment.

blue sweater jan 28

Aside from waiting for the plumber to call back, today I plan to work on the blue sleeves, maybe cast on a beaded silk necklace for the daughter of a friend, shovel off the decks (more snow on the way, and the next storm is said to be a heavier, wetter snow.  That means we have to clean now while we can!) and I should probably clean up the mudroom, which looks like a wet mitten and boot tornado hit it. A is back at work today, so I can work at my own pace.  🙂


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  1. Those mitts are lovely and worth any pain.

  2. The mitts are wonderful. I so hate the thumb gusset work that I avoid knitting mitts at all costs. Your’s came out lovely.

    • thank you! Have you tried Eliz Zimmerman’s mitered mittens? No gusset! I am going to try them next… not next thing I cast on, but next pair of mittens. 🙂

  3. I hope you had a warm day at least! It took us nearly 2 hours to dig our cars out but I got more than twice what you did for snow. At least it’s the fluffy stuff!

    • lol it felt warm – got up to about 15, which is about 20 degrees warmer than today! I worked on shoveling the deck, it took over an hour to clear one shovel width! I’ll keep working at it today, because of tomorrow’s lovely forecast – another 8-12 inches, but starting as “wintry mix” Ugh.

  4. It’s amazing how you were able to shovel away with those splendid gloves! What a way to show them off.

    • lol – yes, it was amazing, and I will get lots more opportunities over the next few days, apparently. More snow (another foot) coming tomorrow. And unspecified amount on Monday. It’s enough to send me to someplace far south of the equator for the winter!

  5. wow, your mittens are super stunning. Way to pretty to wear when shoveling snow. 🙂 But I know, you would prefer to be warm when outside. All the best at staying warm there.

  6. So sorry about all the snow. I hope that you are able to stay warm and that the plumber has called you back by now. Gorgeous mittens! Love the pattern. I have never made a pair of mittens, but I know they must be difficult. Yours look absolutely perfect!

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