Birders, please advise!

I have been able to feed the birds now that we only have indoor cats.  And so I have been slowly learning about what birds we have.  But I need help now that they all have their winter plumage.  I know these aren’t the best photos, as they are through a screen, but can you tell me:

Are these goldfinches, pine siskins, purple finches, or something else entirely? They look like the cross bills in my bird book, except that I can’t see if they have crossed bills.  Sort of important, I know.

birds in january

birds in january1

birds in january2

I did not get a picture, but did see a pair of little woodpeckers – downy, I believe, at the suet the other day.  They are so cute!  Haven’t seen their big brothers pileated in a  while, I wonder if they are still around?

huge flocks of mourning doves and chickadees also rule the yard.  While I miss Frankie and Tigger, I am glad that Allie and Zumba are indoors girls so we can feed the birds and see them up close!


10 thoughts on “Birders, please advise!”

    1. this is why I need you experts. I’ll shift to the warbler section if my bird book and check them out. (I find that is the trouble with bird books. They assume you know something about birds. I would love one that is organized by size or color or something.) By the way – our little downy woodpecker shared the suet with a hairy woodpecker all morning today. They are so cute!

  1. The adore the little wild birds. They are so cute, and brings a certain kind of atmosphere to any yard. 🙂 But I just feed them, I am of no use when it comes to identifying them. Bests with learning more, I will learn from you.

  2. Those, my dear are Pine Siskins! And you are lucky to have a small flock feeding at your feeders because the scarcity of birds this winter is notable!

    1. I thought you might have a clue. I have maybe a dozen of those, plus a few chickadees, a huge flock of mourning doves, and the tiny little woodpeckers – downy has been around a lot, but hairy just showed his face yesterday. Also, little nuthatches, and who knows what else! You should come check it out, if you are ever able to dig out. Prime feeding time is mid-morning.

  3. Definitely Pine Siskins. Don’t know where you live, but in Northern Michigan I’ve had large flocks of these at my feeders, and also Redpolls. If you want to get into identifying birds, I would recommend the Sibley Guide to Birds, put out by the Audubon Society. This response is not very timely, I only just found your blog.

    1. Welcome! Glad you found me.
      My aunt gave me a Stokes bird book, and I have been trying to pay attention to what is feeding around us here in Maine. But bird books assume you have a basic understanding and knowledge, so I rely on bad photos and good bloggers to help me out. 🙂

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