Indecisive Friday list

Today I had a choice to make.  Stay home and do my usual Friday things or hit the road with A.  She has to go to Jackman for work, and I have never been there. I like going places I have never been.

I did some online research, and discovered that since I am not a winter outdoorsy person, I should probably stay home and do my usual stuff.  Jackman looks lovely, but there is nothing that would take more than an hour to do.  And while I am content to sit and knit, it seems a bit foolish to drive 4 hours to sit and knit in the car and then drive 4 hours home.  I will go to Jackman another time, when it isn’t so cold and A doesn’t have to work.   There is a town up the road in Quebec, but I was not in a  mood to muddle through the french to see if it had fun things to do.  I’ll ask some family who are familiar with the area the next time A has to go there.  🙂 Maybe in the autumn.

So.  I am home today, and plan to do NOT much!  I want to make some cards for the Etsy shop, and I have to make the family valentines – once taxes start in Feb I will not feel like doing it, I have learned from experience.

And I will knit.  I should be able to finish mitten number 1 at last (truthfully, it is mitten number 4, I think,but the first one to not get ripped out.  Yet.)

And I think I have some cotton baby yarn up in the craft room, I will see about maybe making a baby sweater or booties, also for Etsy.  But maybe not.

And I will get dressed.  Maybe. Maybe soon.  Maybe when I hear A’s car come up the driveway. Maybe not.

I think I will just let the day unfold.  With coffee. In pajamas.  It’s Friday.


7 thoughts on “Indecisive Friday list”

  1. I haven’t been up in Jackman in years. When I was younger we’d go up there to snowmobile. That was in the 1970s.

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