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My days feel kind of aimless this week.  Clearly, I am not yet used to not working or thinking about work or working to not think about work.  But I am trying!

Yesterday I did do a tiny bit of work, in prep for today and tomorrow when I actually do have to work.  But I also ripped out the red mittens which were coming out giant sized, reworked the chart and started again; spent some time in the craft room thinking about valentines, but making little headway on them; went to the Post Office, the grocery store, the library, and I voted in our little special election (wind turbines or no?  That is the endless question on which we vote regularly.)

Our library is teeny weeny, although the building is lovely, the contents are often lacking.  But this was a good trip – the book I need for March book club (The Orphan Train) is out but they reserved it for me, and the lone copy of the Opinionated Knitter was in!  It now is on my coffee table.  I read all the interesting bits last night, and will go back and absorb more of it this week. I just adore Elizabeth Zimmerman.  She is so blunt and forthright and reminds me very much of my Gram.  And what a brilliant knitter – she takes things right down to the simplest form, then builds them up again.  Amazing. Imagine knitting while traveling on the back of a motor cycle?  Now THAT is knitting in the wild.

Yesterday I did not clean anything.  I think doing errands earned me a break.  🙂  Monday I cleaned the bookcase in the bedroom.  It took a long time, and I didn’t even stop and read!   I emptied it completely, dusted everything, reorganized and shelved all the books there and on the nightstand and in a stack beside the bed (on my side, naturally) and thought it looked quite nice.

A didn’t notice. When she asked what I did and I told her, she laughed, and we talked about how differently we “clean”.  I hate cleaning.  She hates clutter.  So her cleaning is to clear up the clutter by moving it out of sight.  I clean by ripping things apart and reorganizing them, cleaning every bit before it goes back.  What does this mean in our house?  We often have piles tucked away and nothing is in its place but the house looks picked up. The bathrooms are usually clean because I DO clean those regularly. A couple of times a year I go crazy because of all the piles tucked away, rip them out and do what I can to clean and organize.  I do too much of it at once, then am tired and sick of cleaning, and so the cycle begins.

I am using this time of less work to try to break that cycle and do a bit of my deep cleaning each day.  I hope that if I can get the house clean and organized gradually, it won’t be such a  major chore to keep it that way. And I hope by doing one thing a day, I won’t hate it and feel overwhelmed, but rather like I am accomplishing something.  We will see.  🙂

Today is different – I have to go into the office around 10 to work with a volunteer printing mailing labels – show her how the system works, etc.  then I am meeting with her and another tax volunteer to answer their questions as they get ready to take the test.  Those are the only reasons I am going to the office, BUT…my boss has already asked me if I would help him update a monthly report spreadsheet, and I said I would.  What else will I wind up doing while there? Time will tell.  I think it will be easier to not work there when I don’t show my face.  🙂

Anyway, I hope to be home by 2, and spend some time in the craft room this afternoon.  A is traveling up to Aroostook County today, so she will be late getting home.  That means I have time to mess with paper and paints. 🙂


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  1. Ah, D and I are similar. I create a lot of clutter but every weekend when I am tidying and cleaning I do it properly! He says I am the untidy one (which is true) but he creates what I call tidy piles of clutter. Things that should be upstairs filed or put away he puts neatly somewhere they shouldn’t be (like big dishes we only use occasionally he ALWAYS puts on the kitchen table, but they live at the back of a big cupboard and I put them away!) 🙂 so it looks tidy but nothing is in its right place!
    I hope you grow to enjoy some time to yourself. I’m really enjoying time out but being away from home is completely different.

    • OMG, yes! Then when something isn’t where I leave it or it should be, there is no telling where it is! Drives me crazy!

      • No, he doesn’t tend to get round to putting it somewhere…. Last year I left a bottle of screen wash that he left in the hall where he put it – a kind of test – it’s still there 😉

        • lol tests are fun! A moves things. I do create piles, but I know what is in them, truly I do. Then they move and I am lost. You will often hear this conversation in our house “If I left that letter in the pile on the right on the table last night, where should I look for it tonight?”

          “Everything that was on the table is now in a pile in the box on the stairs.”

          Well. At least the table is clear!

  2. You’ll develop a rhythm to your days. It’s still early in the transition. I am the creatively organized one in the house, which means things may not be in their proper A, B, C, D, order but I know where they are and can lay my hands on them quickly. The Skipper is by-the-book organized. In short, I drive him crazy.

    • If my things don’t get moved, I know where they are, even if they appear to be clutter. But if they get moved in the clearing process, I am lost. We drive each other crazy! But for real cleaning, I am the one. toothbrush in the cracks kind of cleaning is all mine. Of course, I don’t vacuum, and she does so it works out.

  3. Ah, how i wish being organised was the answer but unfortunately my life is too busy to keep up with putting things away😔 i hope you have more luckX

  4. You’ll figure out your days. Oh boy, you’ve reminded me Chinese New Year is coming up ams i should clean this weekend or next.

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