NOT Blue!

mittens jan 16

I was able to stop at the Yarn Barn in Bangor today, and wasn’t I lucky?  She had these three luscious cascade washable wool skeins – perfect for my mittens!  I’ll go cast them on in just a minute….

First a word about the Yarn Barn.  She is tucked away behind a credit union outside a mall – you kind of have to know she is there.  And she hasn’t got a HUGE inventory, but she has some real workhorse yarns, and she offers:  A frequent buyer discount (I have full cards just waiting for me to need yarn) and a discount if you pay in cash!  So today’s purchase came to a whopping 12 dollars and change.

How often does that happen?

On another note – I finally opened an Etsy store today.  I  only have two things uploaded, but I am working on it.  At first, it will be the hats that I took back when Creatively Maine closed, but I hope to knit and paper craft other offerings to sell. SO please, visit but be kind, it is a new venture for me and I am clumsy and awkward.  Kind suggestions most welcome! Take a look at  I can’t sell the necklaces online, per agreement with the designer, but I have some ideas for my own or non-proprietary designs so someday I will get fabulous silk/beaded things up there as well.

Now, I am off to cast on the mittens.  Trying to decide – I-cord edging or garter stitch? I know which will look better in the end…


6 thoughts on “NOT Blue!”

  1. Ho’omaka’i on the grand opening of your Etsy shop. I like how you priced in time and effort. May I ask… How’d you do the zip code/shipping cost feature? Is that an automatic, shop feature you can activate?

  2. Congratulations on the new shop. The prices are good. I can’t wait to see how you populate it. I think you’ll really enjoy it. Good Luck. Sell out of everything.

    1. Thanks! I struggle with pricing, which is ironic as i coached businesses for 20 years to take a good look at the cost of production, forced them to consider adding in profit (imagine!) and now when I have to do it myself, it is a struggle to put a realistic number on it! I hope this one is one the market can bear, because I think they are fabulous little hats and worth every penny!

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