First Monday!

Today is the first day that I do not have to go to work.

I don’t think it has sunk in yet, I was awake at 2 worrying about things which, in the light of day are silly, but which kept me up for hours.

A got up and got ready for work, and I got up and made a cup of coffee.  She left for work, and  I immediately sat down here.  What  to do today?

I intend to work on cleaning the house thoroughly, but letting it take as long as it takes (as in weeks or months) with a goal of just doing some each day – sort of like knitting socks! I am trying to decide if I should start where it shows or where it doesn’t.  I am thinking where it doesn’t – too often we clean what shows and skip the rest.  So I think it will be with our bathroom.  Maybe.

Going to finish that purple knee sock today as well, only a couple of inches to go on that!

And take photos of the sock scrap blanket, which I finished yesterday, after a marathon crochet session (as in almost all day on the couch!)  I really like it, and it is much warmer than I expected a sock yarn blanket would be.

I also need to get the thank you notes out, that is a goal for this week, not necessarily today.  :-)Have a few work related bookkeeping exercises to do (time sheet and expense reports) and of course I have to play with Zumba.

Should be a nice mix of productivity and relaxing, I hope!


10 thoughts on “First Monday!”

  1. I tried commenting from my phone but clearly, it did not connect. While I can’t remember exactly what I said it was something like this: take your time, learning to let go, relax, experience the spaciousness of not working actually takes time. Go easy on yourself. You will have great days and off days. But oh, my, it is fine! 😉 ❤

    1. thanks! So far no day has truly been work free, but I hope to disconnect more next week. Meanwhile, teh bathroom fixtures sparkle. Today< i attack walls and floor and fan with dust cloths and vacuum cleaner. remember the old FlyLady routines? I do my fifteen minutes once a day. It will show eventually.

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