Friday list – the first of tax season!

Today is the last day of our intensive tax training.  We will wrap up with a lecture on how to do state returns, and an open Q and A session, before we either go home or work on the computers on our tests.  As I am a group leader, I get to haul in a mess of computers and hang around to see if anyone stays to use them.  I suspect one or two will.  I do have hopes that the cold sends people for home, so that I can come home, too.

But while there listening to the lecture on how to do a return when no laws have changed, I will surely do some knitting!  I got about 8 inches of sock done today, can I finish it tomorrow (20 inches long, then 20 rows of 1×1 ribbing)?  I’ll have to knit fast to make it in three or four hours…. here’s where the socks are at right now…

tube knee socks jan 8

Then it is home, possibly with a stop at the PO on the way, and once home, I will put on warm, comfortable clothes and curl up in front of the fire with my hook.  I really want to finish the sock blanket by the end of the KAL year (next week) and so that is my goal for the weekend.  Lofty, huh?  🙂 I will be crocheting more than knitting this weekend.

That’s it, my whole list.  It’s cold.  I need to hibernate.


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