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There is a blog I follow, slipped stitches weblog, the author of which writes screamingly funny posts about her knitting adventures.  The fails often make the pages more than the conquests, but her writing is what makes it fun.  The other day I left her a comment that I was embarking on an adventure the likes of which she writes about.

The woman (let’s call her S) who runs the little shop that has so nicely carried my things the past few weeks asked me if I could knit a hat for her to give a friend, a woman I have never met.  She had bought one of my hats, and wondered if one could be had with a floppy brim. S knows that I am wiling to try most things, decided to order one for her friend.  Here’s what she told me.

There is a netflix show that has a woman wearing a hat with a floppy brim that she likes.  Her friend has brown hair and bright blue eyes, so either something gray or blue, no green, please.

I did what any sane woman would do and lost myself in Ravelry for hours, using the search “brimmed hats”

There are some.  🙂

I was really curious how one gets a knit brim to not be hanging all around one’s head so that one looks like a blind Gilligan.  It turns out it is milliner’s wire.

I decided I didn’t want to fiddle with that if I could avoid it, but I printed out a free pattern using the wire.  Then I found a free pattern with the brim tacked up rakishly and printed that as well.  I took them into see S, and she ADORED the one that I wanted to make anyway.   Check it out here.


She didn’t want the pleated accent on the side.  And she wants it pretty fast.

No problem – I don’t have to learn a new technique, right?  I’ll just make the hat.  Blue or gray.

So I merrily came home and went stash diving.  I have no blue or gray worsted weight yarn in a quantity sufficient to make the hat.  I have blue and gray sport weight and blue and gray bulky.

I have other hat patterns that call for bulky, so I know my gauge, and it should be easy to adapt the pattern.  I settled right in with my gray yarn (because I have lots of it), calculator, pencil and needles.  All evening I knit away, working hard to forget that I hate seed stitch exactly as much as I hate 1×1 ribbing (because isn’t it the same damned thing when you are knitting it?) and I made that hat.  I worked out the decreases on the new number of stitches and I finished it last night.

Epic fail.

The brim was too big and floppy, The hat itself fit fine except it was a couple of inches short. So the whole floppy thng perched on top of my head, looking hideous and not keeping anything much warm.

I ripped it out.  With Lamb’s Pride Bulky, you get to do that once before the yarn is fit only for cat toys.

This morning, I got right back at it.  New numbers.  New way to decrease. New hat. 25 rows at least before decreasing at crown.

It’s not done yet, but I can see that it is much better.  I’ll keep you posted and show a photo of the end product as soon as it is done. And maybe I will make it again in blue, maybe with the pretty pleats?

I know I am not as funny as Slipped Stitches,  but I learned you don’t need to be funny to make a mess with yarn.  🙂


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  1. No fail – a learning experience 😉

  2. A hatful week of fist pumps of success, bloodhound searches, and learning a new trick.

  3. You are a blast! You did it with minimal sturm und drang and remained sane all the way through. I’d have been hunting down the Netflix show for at least a month and then after finding it miss the part where the hat shows up. I’d take my hat off to you but I…er…don’t have a hat that fits. I really like the cloche hat you showed. I have dreams of one day dressing up in 1920s style clothing replete with hat and running all my daily errrands. My only problem is I don’t have a 1920s shape to my waist. I would need a corset made of steel and I’d probably have to give up breathing for the day.

    • lol – I hate this hat. I need to finish it this week, but it will be my third time knitting it in as many days, and I don’t want to.

      As for dressing up and going shopping, I suspect that there were many people who did not have 1920’s shapes, what did they wear? It is worth checking out so you can live that dream. 🙂

  4. Thanks for a great read, you made me laugh 🙂 I have had similar experiences with knitting,and unraveling too, sometimes more then twice , oh dear lol
    I can’t wait to see the hat! Happy Knitting

    Isabel's Needleworks

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