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I promised you an update about knitting, and here it is.  🙂

Let’s start with the Knitting Sarah’s new thing for this year, which is not actually new for her – a shot each day of what is on the needles. I think I can commit to taking a photo a day, but I might not blog them each day.  Don’t worry, I will a.) catch up regularly and b.) blog about other stuff, too.

Here’s yesterday’s shot:

purple hat

Technically, it wasn’t on the needles when I took it but that is what I knit yesterday.  These button hats go really fast, if I don’t stop in time, they hop right off the needles before I can get a shot.That happened again today…

purple and gray hat

Another button hat – this one with the leftover purple, and a gray brim.  I can get a whole hat plus the crown of a second hat out of two skeins of Lamb’s Pride Bulky, so I try to keep a supply of neutrals on hand to use up the half hat.  then, there is always a bit left over.  I’ll show you another day what I do with that.

hat for mere

This is also on my needles today – and really still is!  It is another hat, a modified Alpine Topper (pattern available on Ravelry from Halcyon yarn).  I am making this one out of two yarns held together – one a sock weight silk merino blend from Cloudlover named after Lady Sybil of Downton Abbey – who could resist? – and the other a light natural gray which is angora/merino blend, also light weight, I think officially a sport weight. I am holding them together so that they come up to a worsted weight, and let me tell you, it is the softest worsted weight I have ever touched. And it shimmers! The mods to the pattern are: lighter weight yarn, so more stitches.  No carrying a second thread to make a lining – this hat will be soft and warm and able to be worn indoors or out.  It’s for Cousin M unless something goes wrong with it (as did my first try which came out way too small) and I hope it won;t make her itch, but if it does, I think her beloved J will find a use for it.  🙂

Now, more updating:

Here is the 26th pair of socks, all done!  And they are NOT this color.  They are much brighter, almost a turquoise blue.

sws #26

I have even already crocheted the 5 squares I need from them for the sock leftover blanket, which is coming along.  I need to get more pictures of my progress, but here are a couple of what it looked like a few weeks ago – almost all the squares in a big pile, then as I sorted them to figure out what went where.

almost all the squares

sorting squares

Hard to believe that each color is a different pair of socks,and that most of them are in my closet and on my feet.  🙂

Then hats – hats, hats and more hats.  The shop sold the two I originally put there, so last Friday I went off to Bangor and bought a lot more yarn to make more.  I don’t know if they will sell this week or not, the shop closes soon, but I do know that I want to keep going with this whole retail thing, and so I need inventory.

The blue and green were delivered last week, I’ll take the two purple ones over there today.  It was REALLY hard to use that blue button, isn’t it sweet?  It is a piece of porcelain, tumbled and drilled into a button by the same folks who make my favorite granite buttons.

green hat 1

blue hat 1

Here‘s a photo from the shop’s Facebook page, showing my hats (and a necklace in the background) on display – pretty and warm, right?

Still plugging away on the lace projects – sweater and scarf.  Both show progress but no photos recently.  I’ll get some over the next few days,though, I promise.  🙂


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  1. The hats are fun. That’s great you were able to get all of those squares from your leftover sock yarn.

    • thanks! I love those hats, and they are nice and quick to make. I think the button makes them, really

      And yes, many squares out of leftovers! It’s almost overwhelming.

  2. Love the hats with the buttons. But let’s not talk hats. You are so organized! Crochet squares from your left over sock yarn! I keep saying I want to do something with my collection of left over bits. Lately they’ve been gifts for Yarn Rascal. This week I am house sitting and cat sitting. Susie is one of my favorite cats, so I have a few left over small yarn balls for her and I to play with.

    • Our cats love leftover yarn treats as well – sometimes I crochet little balls and put some catnip in them, and of course, yarn balls with long tails so I can swing them and dangle them are fun.

      Is Yarn Rascal with you while you house sit, or is htis a chance to work on some nice shetland lace knitting in peace?

      • Yarn Rascal will be with The Skipper. While YR would love to play with the cat, Susie prefers to interact with people only. If I knew where I was taking that Shetland Baby Blanket next I would work on it down there. Right now I am swamped with tech editing others’ designs as well as creating a triangular shawl and reworking Ming Blue. All are in the drawing stages.

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