Friday after

Good morning all!  I hope you had a nice Christmas if you celebrate it, and an uneventful Thursday if you don’t! Ours was quite nice, at Mom’s with all siblings and almost all nieces and nephew – missing brother C’s two girls who were home with their mom in PA.  C announced that he and his girlfriend, D, are newly engaged.  No date set yet, but I am sure that will happen soon.  She is a nice woman, and has survived several family gatherings, so she knows what she is getting into!

I told my sister C about the little pop-up shop in town here, and she gave me some of her beautiful cards to take over there.  She is interested in selling her pots, if they are interested in carrying them.  I have the one beautiful vase she just gave me to show in addition to her cards which have nice shots of her work on them. (She got them at for a very reasonable price, in case anyone is interested in such things.  No fee paid for this promotion.) She didn’t seem to be too interested in knitting for them, but I will ask all the same,  Her muffs are fabulous, and her hats are great as well. She told me that she got invited to  participate in a holiday pop-up shop, but it was right at the time she had two other big events, and she didn’t have the energy or inventory.  We both need to be better prepared next winter.

So, the list…

This morning, A and I are going to head up to Bangor.  We have errands to run, picking up a few odds and ends for her family, with whom we will celebrate on Saturday. Also, I want to see if the little yarn store that carries the bulky wool I use for the button hats is open, so I can restock.  And, there is a new restaurant we want to try for lunch.  All of this while avoiding the mall area – not possible, I am afraid.

When we return home, we will just have quiet time at home, with perhaps a nap or a movie int eh early evening.  And knitting, of course!

Hey, do you want to know what I sold?  So far, a hat and a necklace.  When I stopped in yesterday afternoon, the manager told me that my remaining hat was likely sold as a woman wanted it, had forgotten her credit card but was coming back.  It was still out so that others could see it, if someone wanted it, then they would call the first woman to see what was up. I got my first check, and it felt good.  Good to know another one is coming next week, too!  the necklace was a sort of exciting sale, because a man bought it for his wife for Christmas.  In fact, said she “had to have it.”  Yeah!

The manager, Sonya, says she wants to pop up again this summer when the cruise ships come in, and so I will keep on knitting – thinking about what is appealing in spring and summer.  I have a few ideas.  🙂 And of course, now I am looking at other shops in more bustling towns and wondering if I have the nerve to walk in to them cold.  Time to check out those card deals at moo, I guess.

Have a fun Friday!


4 thoughts on “Friday after”

  1. If Sonya has a summer selling season under her belt ask her what kind of things sold and what the cruise ship vacationers were looking for. Scope out the other shops. Go in and look around. Then strike up a conversation. It’s exciting.

    1. it sure is! we went to Bangor today and i loaded up on the bulky yarn I was out of, made two hats this evening. I’ll stop by the shop tomorrow to drop them off and if it is quiet, have a chat with her about the future. At a guess, I would say cruisers want things that are made locally, are evocative of the place from their frame of reference, and aren’t big and bulky. Sonya wants to carry things that are made with high quality goods, and come under “luxury” or “artisan” categories. I am OK with that!

  2. How fabulous you have items selling in a shop! What does it mean by “pop up shop”? Perhaps when you walk in, you carry a letter of recommendation from this current owner?

    1. a “pop up” shop is one that is just there for a short amount of time, in this case, the Christmas season. then it is gone. They happen a lot here in empty store fronts where a downtown merchants association or chamber wants to make the whole town more vibrant and shopping destination. Our town has never had them before but I have seen them in other towns around. If done well, you can get some beautifully made things.

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