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It took me this long to recover from all the festivities.  🙂

After a quiet day Friday, I spent Saturday at Mom’s with a huge pile of people from her side of the family – what fun!  It was our annual Christmas Carol sing gathering, and family came from all over New England.  Over the years, we have gathered together a book of carols, and we sing it cover to cover.  There are rituals for some songs (like Good King Wenceslas) and then we work on making the ones for the younger ones more fun – breaking into small groups for the Twelve Days of Christmas.  This year we had additional musicians to add to the piano – cousin M and her very special cello, brother N on his guitar, sister C on the recorder (tenor, I think) and even niece E on the violin for O Come Little Children.

Everyone brings lots of good food, and we all sing, even those of us who can’t, and it is so much fun to see everyone, many of my cousins I haven’t seen since this time last year. Cousin M organized it this year (somehow, even with a five-week jaunt to Europe) and she did a great job.

And every year, we get to see what fabulous thing cousin A has knit – this year it was an incredibly beautiful beaded cardigan. I don’t know how she finds the time.

Mom and I took the opportunity to give away a lot of our craft fair inventory, and were we ever vindicated!  Here was a room FULL of people who either knit very well or are married to someone who does, and they snatched up nearly everything.   They were literally crowded into the front hall trying on hats and scarves and oohing and aahing over the colors, the yarn, the fit, the buttons. My aunt insisted on paying for things she chose for my cousin, so I even came home with a bit more money.  And only three hats!  I found my demographic, I guess!  Now, how to find the ones in that demographic who aren’t related to me.  🙂

Got home in the early evening, and spent some quiet time with A and the cats (A went to the gathering but left before the singing).

Sunday I was up early, back to Mom’s to pick her up, then on to brother N’s for a brunch with some different cousins – H and P.  We see them very rarely, and H works lots of weekends, so N and sister in law D planned this gathering months ago, before the date for the carol sing was set.  Certainly, we all wished the two were not so close together, but we were glad to see them.  H was my first friend when we moved to Maine 40 years ago, long before marriage made us cousins, so it was nice to see her. Her sister P is lots of fun to talk to as well,it was nice to visit and reminisce.

I dug through my bag of hats not taken to the craft fair and brought along some “man” hats and the jewelry, and got my brother to take a pile of hats, and the nieces chose necklaces.  Even the friend of Niece N liked them enough to take one. Nieces N and C were the recipients of the first necklaces many years ago – N had me do some repairs on hers, she apparently wears it a lot, so I was glad to do that and give her more. C gave me tips on the colors and styles she likes, so I was glad to chat with her.  She likes pastels and wears scarves.  She should brace herself!  Even niece E got in on the deal and got a red and gold ruffled necklace.

After dropping Mom off, I got home around supper time, completely wiped out.  I love my family, and love visiting them, but sure would not have chosen to see them all at once in one weekend, with all that driving and rushing and no time to savor it.

As A said, though “so that was all our holiday visiting?  We are clear until Christmas?”  and it is true.  I will be glad of that as the month goes on.  🙂


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  1. A is right. It may have come all at once but now it is done and you can ease through the rest of the month. Sounds like you had a great time even with all the driving. Your family has some nice traditions.

    • I know she is – when I realized how much stress we are finished with – WOW! It is good because I am in my last month of my “real” job, and there is lots to wrap up and pass on. It will be a crazy, somewhat emotional time.

      I do love the family carol sing. While I am NOT, most of my family is very musical, and we all have our favorite carols. So we sing them all, some even with all the verses, and just have a wonderful time. I am so glad we are passing it down to the next generation. They think they don’t like it, perhaps, but they come back every year (the teens and twenties, I mean) and slowly are learning all the words in spite of themselves.

  2. I did the same thing on Thanksgiving. I brought out all my crafts and everyone looked through it. They all insisted on paying and some even asked for custom orders. I’m busy until Christmas.

  3. Your ohana knows how to party. What a cute image to imagine ppl scrambling to try on all the handcrafted articles.

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