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Thank you, Claire, for all the kind words you said about me when you wrote your blog hop post at Mollie and Claire and passed the baton to me.

It seems a blog hop is simple – I answer a few questions and nominate two blogs that I enjoy. Here goes!

What are you working on?
Right now, I am working on a pair of socks. Surprise! I joined the sock Knit Along with the Knitting Sarah last January (which I learned about from Claire, I believe). It came along just as I was realizing that my feet were freezing without wool socks, and my wool socks were scratchy, boring, store-bought ones. So I joined with gusto, and now am on my 24th pair. I have given away, or plan to give away, 4 pairs. Yep, that means my sock bin overfloweth with luscious hand knit socks. My only concern is this – will I be able to turn off the sock machine when the year is up and go back to knitting other things?

I am also working on an Estonian lace shawl-scarf that probably will be for me. I try to knit a pattern repeat a day, and at that rate, it will be another month or so until it is done.

There is a cross stitch piece lurking in the bin beside the sofa that I should work on more than I do as it is a gift.

I also got a request for a pair of fingerless mitts. After I said sure, the person chose fine BLACK yarn. They will take forever, but I have to get them done over the next few weeks, so they will get started this weekend.

Lurking in my mind but not started yet are several Christmas presents and of course, the annual Christmas card. Not to mention a couple of shawls…

I try really hard to only have two projects going at a time, but this time of year, that is tough. My usually rule is one mobile project I can pick up and drop at a moment’s notice (like socks!) and one other project, which is often one that requires concentration – like lace or a larger project like a sweater. This rule keeps me finishing things, as I have a million things in my mind that I want to make.

How does your writing process work?

LOL – my process. Hmmm…

Usually I just start writing, dump it all out on the screen, then I go back over it and move things around, delete, try to fix errors,delete, and delete some more to put together a post that flows, with any luck. My Friday list post usually starts on Wednesday or Thursday, as I think about what I need to get done that day (I have Fridays off and am usually home alone, so either I get lots or nothing done. πŸ™‚ )

How does your blog differ from others of its genre?

Does it? I try to mix humor and sharing of process and progress on things, and just put myself out there. It has brought great rewards, I feel like I have made some friends in the webosphere. And learned lots from everyone – bloggers are so generous with their knowledge. Plus, I have 20.5 new pairs of socks. lol.

nominate 2 blogs I follow

Slipped stitches Weblog I love this blog for the amazingly hysterical stories of the Yarn Rascal, and for the really good information she shares about knitting and pattern design. Maryanne has designed some simply lovely things. And Yarn Rascal would destroy them if he could break into the yarn vault. πŸ™‚

Cobweborium emporium Oh the cards you will see! Really creative use of materials and beautiful designs. Plus, she leaves the most wonderful comments here on my blog, how could I not love that?

It was hard to choose just two, there are so many creative people out here who can really write. But these two are two of my favorites.

That’s it – how simple? Slipped Stitches and Cobweborium, I can’t wait to read what you write!


3 thoughts on “Blog Hop”

  1. Ohh My Goodness! I’ve never been nominated before. There I was having a good ol’ read of your blog post and thoroughly enjoying it by the way, …. then WHAM! My blog name popped up and you nominated me to receive the baton along with Slipped Stiches!. I honestly felt me heart race when I realised that you’d nominated me for a blog hop because … I’ve never done one before!

    So … let me get this straight … I answer the same questions in the same engrossing and entertaining way you have, and then I nominate two blogs and pass the baton to them?

    (Hope I’ve understood this properly – but if I haven’t just put me straight!)

    Love you, WhatImUpTo, for the honour you have bestowed upon me. I shall attempt to do you proud!
    Love ~ Cobs. x

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