quick knitting update – with photos!

Morning appointment got moved to the afternoon, so here I am, alone in my house for the first time in weeks – so of course, out come camera, knitting and computer.  🙂

Here is the Malabrigo blue Estonian lace scarf/shawl thing coming along – about a third done with the center section.

malabrigio triinu 1 third done

And here are the blue socks for Cousin P’s birthday complete – in time, I might add, in spite of having to rip out the whole foot of the second one due to non-attention on the part of the knitter.

sws 23 two done

Now, off to dress and get that long overdue haircut.


6 thoughts on “quick knitting update – with photos!”

  1. Ooh! I’m always curious about haircuts. Will you flash yours? That lace has done stitches. It will be amazing after blocking. I like those sturdy socks. They look warm and cozy.

    1. thanks! The lace goes in spurts, but it will get done over the next few weeks – I love to watch what happens when I block it. 🙂

      And these socks in particular are so fun to knit! I will definitely make this pattern again.

      I don’t love getting a haircut, but I love having my hair short, so I deal with it.

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