Friday list – Nor’Easter!

We have been having a storm that just won’t quit – three days of wind and rain.  I am just glad it isn’t snow. 🙂

My Friday list got a sudden change Thursday morning when I answered the phone.  Job Interview!  One of the jobs I applied for a few months ago.  They got 38 applications and are interviewing 6, so I feel lucky to have made it this far.

So, I will get up and dressed (professionally, of course) and head off to Ellsworth for a ten o’clock appointment.  On the way back, I will see about getting a haircut (sort of wish I did it last week!) and stop at the PO.

Then it is home to make lunch for the rapidly improving patient, and await the stove man.  The new pellet stove gets installed tomorrow – I can’t wait.  It will be so much more quiet, and efficient – and it will have a thermostat – none of this on or off nonsense.  Ooh la la.  I’ll just be hanging about waiting for them to do their thing, so will likely do some knitting.

L is doing really well, and so is thinking of going home soon.  A and I are worried about her stairs (her bathroom is upstairs), but it is up to her to decide when she is strong enough.  PT on Wednesday went well, with the therapist telling her a few more things she could do, and a few things she had to stop doing.  Good for her to hear it from someone other than the two of us. Anyway, if she goes home, we prefer that it happen Saturday, so that if it is too soon, she can move back in on Sunday (as opposed to us figuring out how to do it mid-week.) But we will see what she thinks.

Saturday, I will be out and about taking some photos for work, and in the process, pick up our locally grown cranberries for spiced cranberry jelly for the holidays.  Yum…

Sunday, I hope to lay low and just relax, work on projects, get the rest of the Halloween cards made and mailed.  then the week starts, and the hamster wheel will be racing again.  Sigh.

But first, we get through Friday.  🙂

Edit – just found this in the draft file – sorry to be a week late, I thought it posted last week! So here is an old Friday list. 🙂 A new one will follow tomorrow.

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