few quick notes

Caregiving takes some getting used to, even when the patient is a delightful person. I forgot, it isn’t something you can putter at.  You have to do it right and completely the first time.

Unlike blue business casual socks, which you can rip out and redo if they are coming out too big.  I did that last night after the patient went to bed.  🙂  I am already making the smallest size, so I think I will redo the pattern for a slightly smaller size, and see what happens.  The yarn is one I haven’t used before, it is very soft and supple, and apparently knits up a tiny bit more loosely than the Tosh Sock I have used for this pattern before. I’ll get the graph paper out and figure it out this afternoon.

Meanwhile, the Estonian lace scarf grows slowly, and the crocheted squares are piling up – you can drop crochet a lot faster and with less trauma than you can Estonian lace.  🙂

A has been a trooper, cooking all kinds of “experimental” food to keep the patient happy.  L loves different foods and watches a lot of the food channel and other cooking shows. Last night we had mini lasagna things made with wonton wrappers in a muffin tin.  But as A doesn’t like red sauce, these were made with Alfredo sauce, and turkey meatballs (which A made and slow cooked in a pan of Alfredo sauce all afternoon.)  We added chopped artichokes and cheese to them, and I must say, they were delicious!  This morning was baguette French toast.  Not just any French toast, this soaked in the egg all night and then was baked in the over.  I think in theory it is good, but in practice, our slices of bread were too thick, the egg didn’t soak in all the way.  But the flavor was good, and we will likely work on this until we get it right.

A is off to the office for a few hours, Mom and B will be over shortly to help entertain, and L is tucked up on the couch reading for a bit.  I, of course, immediately turned on the computer.  🙂 After all, I need to keep up with what you all are doing, and let you know that I survived the first few days of this phase of life.

I think we will have peanut butter  and jelly sandwiches for lunch. Can’t get more experimental than that, can you?  🙂


12 thoughts on “few quick notes”

  1. I think L is a very lucky person. Your sunny personality and positive attitude makes it impossible for one not to feel better instantly. Love the French toast idea. L is getting top notch care.

    1. Thanks! Sunny personality flies away when I am tired, unfortunately. But I am adjusting, and it is getting less tiring.

      Yes, French toast could be really good when perfected…L is good at getting A to experiment with food.

  2. You could experiment by using Marmalade instead of jam 😉 I speak from a position of ignorance as I’m allergic to nuts so I’ve never had a peanut butter & jam sandwich, experimental or otherwise 😉

        1. ewwww – she’s not pregnant, you know! lol

          I have never had to worry about an allergy, although I will often tell a waitress I am allergic to raw onions, because so often the way they make a salad with no onions is to just take them off – and I can still taste them. But I won’t die if I eat it, so it doesn’t count. 🙂

          It sounds like you have it figured out and just deal with it. Btu I am glad you have an epi pen with you, sometimes things aren’t what they seem.

          1. Hahahahahahaha
            That obviously relates to your first comment! My Mum doesn’t eat onion at all. She isn’t allergic but it gives her stomach cramps. A nightmare when cooking – we use leek, but even then sparingly!

  3. With every post I love you and your blog a little bit more. Each post is filled to overflowing with such warmth, and a snapshot of your life which you allow us to view through your words – and with each snapshot comes hot coffee (or tea if that’s your ‘poison’) and invite to sit with you at your kitchen table while we catch-up with what’s going on.

    A truly fabulous blog, written by a truly fabulous person.Thank you for the loveliness. ~ Cobs. x

  4. Me too. Tell you what … Let’s both make a drink and sit thinking about each other for a few minutes. That’s GOT to put something good out into the ether (i.e. the upper regions of space – the heavens), which is bound to be good for us both!

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