Friday in October

As usual, I am starting a draft of this list on Thursday, as I make a mental list of all I have to get done.

The list is a little ambiguous still, as today is the day my sister-in-law decides if she is coming to us from the hospital or going to rehab for a few days first.  If she comes to us, I know I will be staying close to home and fairly quiet, so she can rest, heal, and do her exercises.

If she goes to rehab, then A and I will have a day home together to get things done, and maybe finish cleaning the house before we head up to Bangor (or wherever she winds up) to visit her.  So that part is up in the air.

But either way, I will go take care of voting.  There is a chance that I will have to work all election day at polls in other towns, getting signatures for work, and I do not want to risk not getting to vote.  I know for whom I will vote, so I might as well do it and know that it is done, right?

I hope to do the yard work I have put off for a few weeks now – there is garlic to plant, and beds to get ready for winter.  I need to cut back the asparagus and put some compost and manure on it for the winter.  I also have some bulbs to add to my bulb bed. Still plenty of sand sifting in the pool area, maybe with all the time I will be tied to home over the next several weeks, I will be able to make better progress with that. I have really slowed down there lately.  I would like to have it pretty well done by winter, so that it is easier in the spring.

There is, of course, laundry and a trip to the PO in store for me, and a grocery run – but with A on vacation this week and next, not so much urgency to the errands, she can putter away at any we don’t get done.

And I will knit, no doubt.  I am working on a shawl from a pattern Claire of Mollie&Claire sent me – she said it worked up really easy and fast, and boy was she right!  I have only about 40 more stitches to add. I am making it in a silk/wool blend from Cloudlover, in a color way called Lady Edith – soft greens with touches of gold, peach and pale blue (since they are hand-dyed, the skein I have is a bit different from the one shown on this link, but you get the idea).  Maybe I will add to my list that I should take photos of it and share them?

Also working on the socks for my coworker friend – should finish sock one shortly, and will cast sock two right on.  These socks are going much faster than the last pair. Not sure why that should be so, but it is.  They are plain ribbed leg socks, she didn’t want anything fancy. Next up on the sock needle is a blue pair for a cousin.  She made a request, and I could hardly deny her when a.) I love to knit; b.) I love blue; c.) it was her mother who left me all that yarn; and d.) she is having a big birthday at the end of the month.  I might not get them done in time for that, but I will try, and it won’t be long after if I miss.

Then, for the quiet times this weekend, there is stitching.  I have set myself a goal of working on that danged lovely thing at least once a week.  It is the only way it will get done now. Make it a rule, I will comply.

So, no matter what L decides about rehab, it will be a day that combines chores and crafts, working hard and down time.  At the end of the day, I think I will feel that something got accomplished.  🙂


6 thoughts on “Friday in October”

  1. I admire you for working the polls. That’s a very long day. Sounds like everything is in hand and you’re ready to roll with the flow. Working in the garden is impossible with the amount of bugs. They seemed to have thrived with the dry weather. All the garden work is well behind schedule.

    1. Well, I won;t be working the polls so much as trying to get folks to sign our petition to get our request fro funding on the town warrant. It gets complicated in some towns, and we decided it might make sense to get the registered voters when they are likely all in one place. So many of these town haven’t even got a store fro us to get signatures at, so this is our next idea.

      Despite my best intentions, I did very little outside this weekend. Long story, which I will blog about shortly!

    1. Sorry, I thought I mentioned it in a comment earlier – yes, I got it, and love it, I can see why it is your favorite. It is upstairs drying now, and I will get photos of it when it is dry, maybe tomorrow if I can get good lighting.

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