Friday at the fair

common ground

This weekend was the long anticipated Common Ground Fair.  I headed out early with Mom and Cousin P, and it was a GLORIOUS day, weather-wise.  We couldn’t help but compare it to other years where we swam through pouring rain to go to the fair, or slogged through ankle deep mud to see the animals and fiber, or froze and huddled by the cows to keep warm.  🙂  Not so this year.  This year we are in a dry spell – no mud.  The skies are bright and clear – no rain. While it was a cold morning, it was nothing a pair of wool socks and a hooded sweater couldn’t fix.

We wandered through the Maine Marketplace tents and found Cousin B’s pizza at Harvest Moon Wood-fired Pizza.  Said hello to the gang before heading off to the crafters tents.  Oh my goodness, the things people make!  Jewelry, hand-wovens, knits, wood work, pottery, amazing things. These tents were filled to the brim (and around the outside) with all the things Maine Artisans make, and it is awe-inspiring.

Then it was over to the animals and then fiber land.  I spent a long time – an hour or more in just one tent, and came out with a skein of luscious 60/40 merino/angora bright pink yarn, in a weight somewhere between sport and DK.  It is soft and luscious and bright, and will make a great addition to my hats.

pink angora

By then it was lunch time, and so we braved the crowds and of course got pizza – mmmmmm it was yummy.  We sat on some steps in the sunshine and enjoyed the good food and great weather.  By then, the crowds were building, which none of the three of us were excited about – it is why we go to the fair early on the first day.


So, we made a plan to get some cash, hit the flushable toilets and then shop our way back to the car, drop off purchases and then head back in for the contra-dancing.

By the time we got to the gate, I knew I was done, and asked the others to please not worry about me, but I was going to stay at the car and nap and knit.  Turns out they were just as tired, so we headed home.

It was a great day,and I came home with a good amount of yarn for someone who didn’t have a lot of money and couldn’t find two of her favorite vendors in the giant fair. I found some great mini skein packs at the Bartlett tent – I wish I had money for more of these guys! I MIGHT have found some yarn for my leftie shawl…



And bread from Borealis Breads, and maple candy and a new thing – Maple jelly!  Can’t wait to try that on some peanut butter toast… or vanilla ice cream… or crepes… I also got a little something for the cats – best catnip ever – in little toys and bags.common ground loot

And as we walked back to the car at the end of the day, I noticed my shoes were dusty.  Not wet, not muddy.  Dusty.  A good day.


28 thoughts on “Friday at the fair”

    1. omg, me, too. the wool is the scratchy variety, but the colors were all so wonderful, it was tough to choose just two packages.

      I figure if I choose a soft yarn for the main color, it will average out. 🙂

          1. I bet you are all pretty worn out – but soon it will be over, and the next phase will begin. I hope you get a bit of a rest!
            We usually vote on Tuesdays, our elections are still 7 weeks away. the polling calls and ads are getting annoying already. sigh.

          2. Haha if I was American I’d be the one behind those annoying calls!! We don’t have a tradition of adverts. We have party political broadcasts on TV for national elections but everyone gets the same amount. We make do with delivering leaflets, canvassing door to door and some phoning in local elections. But we tend to only phone once!

          3. lol – if they just called to remind us to vote, I wouldn’t mind, but because A is a registered independent, we have three parties and lots of political action committees calling us every evening to try to convince her to vote their way. they also call to ask us our opinions on things, and the biased wording of the questions drives me nuts. So I could live with leaflets and the occasional visitor. 🙂

          4. Wow. I only know of Democrats & Republicans. What’s the third? I think US politics is much more aggressive than ours. D is so utterly straight he won’t even have nuanced leaflets! I am not so nice. 😉

          5. we actually have lots of parties – but this year the main ones are republican’s, democrats and independents – not really a party, but a category – in Maine, we often have independents running – one of our 2 senators is independent (the other a republican, and she is running again this year, likely will win) and we currently have three people seriously running for governor, that is where the heat seems to be. But other parties include Libertarian, Green, Progressive, and I think that officially we still have Socialist and Communist, but they don’t often run viable candidates.

            Good for D! I hope people recognize that he is that straight and honest and vote for him. 🙂

          6. Ah ok. We have independents but they don’t have a party structure unless they form a local group. Our two big parties are Labour (socialist) and Conservative. I’m a Liberal Democrat (liberal as opposed to left wing and centre ground in the UK; in US terms probably very left!!) which is the third party. A new ultra right wing party (like the Tea Party) called UKIP is gaining a lot of ground – they won the European elections 😦 and we have Greens too. Apart from the Nats (SNP in Scotland & Plaid Cymru in Wales) we don’t have other obvious national players. I am deliberately excluding Northern Irish politics as that’s WAAAAY complicated!

          7. The tea party tends to be a republican faction, and it amazes me that they are still influencing politics… I am pretty centrist and believe in consensus, not this polarized party crap we have right now. but I generally vote with the democrats. 🙂

          8. It’s quite worrying, the national swing to the right. My party is the junior partner in the coalition government so I get consensus! Anyway lovely chatting to you but I must go to bed. It’s 10pm and I am seriously tired! X

    1. I did get pretty yarns, and the bread was delicious. Haven’t cracked open the Maple jelly yet, but I think that will be good as well. And the “kids” loved the catnip toys.

    1. We did – but I need to bring a cot or something and sleep after lunch, then go shopping for the rest of the day. We really missed a lot of fiber vendors, I think.

  1. Looks like it was a great day. The yarn colors are scrumptious. Do I hear gradient knitting in your near future? Did the kitties like their toys?

    1. The kitties LOVED their bags of nip. :-

      I have been contemplating the Leftie shawl, and have been thinking of doing it with gradient mini skeins, but hadn’t found any I liked yet. These are such great little bits, I think I could use them for lots of different (as yet unidentified) projects. 🙂 Mom got a Christmas pack – reds, greens and white, that was tempting, but I just could not buy them all. Between us, we got 5 different ones, and left at least that many with drool and sticky fingerprints.

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