Friday listwith a plumber

This list is going to be me brainstorming things that need doing that can be done while tied to home with no water.  The plumber is scheduled to come and upgrade the toilet in the guest bathroom to a taller version that uses less water and is more comfortable.  We always intended doing this, but the imminent visit from L for recovery moved us to step on it.  🙂 While the plumber is here, he will service the rest of the system, flushing out sediment and making sure that heaters work properly.  I also hope to get him to adjust the mixing valve in the guest shower, I think we could stand the water to be a little more hot.

He is due at ten, and so I will NOT be doing my usual running around.  🙂

I hope to make some birthday cards, do some knitting, sew buttons on the hats I have finished and clasps on the necklaces.  I have more hats and things to knit, and am thinking about adding a few baby booties to the pile of inventory on my table. I know I should have things in all price ranges, but I have not been in a mood for booties lately.  I wonder if they count as socks for the KAL????

Even with no water, I can dig sand and work in the yard, so there can be some of that, but it has to be toward the end of his visit so I can wash up when I am done.

There should be more stitching as well, I haven’t done much on that since I missed the deadline.  I should set another one so I get motivated again.

OMG coffee!  I have to fill a jug or two with water before he gets here!

Glad I thought of that!

Tonight is game night at A’s office – not too long since the last one, but it is tough finding nights everyone can do it, so we grabbed at this one. Tomorrow we go for a visit with A’s remaining aunts – her mom was one of ten.  There are 4 siblings  left, one of whom is in a nursing home.  The family is cursed with dementia, sadly.  Aunt N is hosting, we hope she remembers.  🙂 Aunt B will be 90 this year, she is pretty sharp!  And Uncle J and Aunt M will also be there, we think, if Aunt N remembered to invite everyone.  You just never know sometimes.  Still, we will arrive with sandwiches and birthday cards and have a good visit, as always.  Two of A’s sisters will go with us, and we always make an adventure of the day, usually with a stop somewhere for something fun that we don’t get to do often.  Not sure what it will be, A is in charge of driving and excursions.

Sunday – no plans.  Relax, work on projects. Admire the new, taller toilet.  🙂


7 thoughts on “Friday listwith a plumber”

  1. Hey! I sure hope you had time to get your coffee water! Isn’t it such a pain to do without water even for a few hours? At the lake we are on a well and if the electricity goes out.. Guess what? No water! And the electricity goes out fairly regularly around the lake! 🙂 But it is beautiful and I would choose no other place! We are thinking of installing one of those Generac home generators where it would kick in automatically as needed… Probably need to sell a few more bunnies for that one though! Ha ha.
    Please stop by my blog and comment two more times! It is the number of comments that will give you the 3 chances! Don’t want you to miss out! Take care and TGIF!

    1. Sandy – thanks, I will stop by and comment. 🙂 we are on a well, too, so I know all about power outages – ugh! I did get coffee water and he is done for today, so I am set!

  2. Waiting for a service guy always puts my teeth on edge, but when it a plumber and water being shut off I can go into full panic mode. Buckets, 5 gallon water bottles, I’ve even been known to fill a bath tub. What do I need all that water for when it’s only going to shut off for an hour or so? I don’t know. But I do know that if I don’t do all that something will occur that requires a large amount of water.

    1. that’s what I call insurance! I do that when big storms come – -it usually works and we don’t lose power. 🙂

      he came and went with little fuss today, but only because he got called away on an emergency. he will be back in a few weeks… we will see. at least he installed the new toilet. it is so tall! I love it.

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