What I did on my summer vacation in photos

Well, mostly photos.  I can never resist a few words.  🙂

A few touches for the screened porch – the lantern a tag sale item, the flower pot an IKEA special.


painting before



 painting during 2

painting during 1

and after:

painting after 1

painting after 2


Then there was knitting:

5 hats

I made these 5 hats in a couple of days – 4 side button hats, one Alpine Topper.  The Alpine still needs to be blocked to stop that curling edge.

Those side button hats need buttons, right?  I have been scouring yard sales to find some that are big enough, unique and special at reasonable prices.  I found these this summer:

buttons 1

Then, one day I was in a local artisan collective shop, killing time, and I found these babies.  They are made by a young woman who owns a quarry nearby.  She makes these stone buttons from the local granite, and the beach stones and tumbled china ones as well. And the shell – I love that shell! They are VERY reasonably priced, considering just how unique they are, so I bought several, and  expect I will get more someday. Maybe today… buttons 5

buttons 2

buttons 3

buttons 4

Now, how to choose?

choosing 1

choosing 2

choosing 3 

This is just too much fun, but I hope they sell!  I don’t really need ALL of these hats.  🙂



15 thoughts on “What I did on my summer vacation in photos”

  1. Those will sell easily! I adore the buttons, my favourite are the ones made out of broken china. They have a sort of ‘romance’ about them.

    Great Post – and, actually, you’ve got a really great blog! I visit regularly, and each time is like sharing a coffee in the kitchen, sat at the table. You’re a great writer and make each post such an enjoyable read. ~ Cobs.x

    1. wow – thank you so much, what a great compliment! I roam around your blog as well, and think you are so creative.

      I love those broken china ones, too, especially the one with the two birds. I might have to go back to that shop and clean them out…

  2. They will be great sellers. You are a very fast and good knitter. The buttons are to die for. The porch is looking so wonderful. I loved how you transformed those things from ok to wow! You’re so talented and have a good eye for the potential of an object.

    1. thanks very much! I do have fun with spray paint.

      the buttons are really special, I think. They are heavy, so would not work for anything more delicate than bulky yarn, but for these hats, they are PERFECT.

      The button hat is only about 30-35 rows total, it does go very quickly. I don’t know that I am a fast knitter, but I am definitely one who knits every minute possible. 🙂 Like today I sat in the ridiculously slow line at McDonald’s, knitting away on my sock. Don’t go anywhere without that sock bag. 🙂

    1. Thank you! I love my porch, too – it is a lovely place to sit on a hot day and knit or stitch or just nap. 🙂 And I love to spray paint. I have two more bigger things to do, but I haven’t prepped them or chosen a color yet. When I do, you know I will post it. 🙂

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