Friday list – vacation

Today is a day of finishing up some odds and ends – putting the house back to rights, usual errands.  My day will look something like this:

Get photos off camera and show you what I have been up to this week, craft wise.

Spend an hour in the yard shoveling.

Load car full of things to bring to Goodwill, then head off to Ellsworth.

Along the way, I will go to the Post Office, stop for lottery tickets (my early retirement plan), and swing by the office to see what I need to carry to the veterans resource fair tomorrow.  Can’t get a straight answer out of anyone on that score.  

I will get to thoroughly check out Goodwill as I will be there alone (A isn’t too fond of shopping and absolutely hates thrift stores, so does not understand the need to check out every little thing  and consider how it could be used/improved.) Since I will be on that end of town, I might also check out the ReStore, sometimes they have nice things.  Of course, they don’t go for thrift store prices over there….

Then, on the way back across town, I will stop at Reny’s to see if they have a laundry basket or two, we seem to always be short (they turn into cat beds around here if a cat even looks like it might sleep in it)  and last stop – the flea market yard sale thing that is in that little building I love.  I have stopped there once before, but I think it need re-examining, to see what is new.  They also don’t believe in thrift store pricing, but if they have the perfect something, then that is OK, right?

Once home, I will wait to see if A really is able to only work a half day today, and if she is, we will head to the plumbing showroom in town and see if they have the perfect toilet for us.  Exciting, huh?  We want to change out our builders grade toilets fro ones that are taller and use less water.  Not sure if that will happen any time soon, but we are starting to look around.  We hope that the plumber will install it at the same time they come to do the annual service on the water system,but not sure if that is when we will have the money, as we have a bunch of big, expensive things happening this time of year (more exciting things like property taxes). 


Now doesn’t that sound like an exciting morning?  

After the plumbing showroom, we will get lunch at Crosby’s, our favorite take out place which is only open a few more weeks!  😦  Then I will get to sit down and knit a bit before I start thinking about where to put the leftover bits from the guest room.  they will NOT be stashed in the craft room is all I know for sure.


I’ll post later int eh weekend and let you know how that all came out!  Now, off to get the camera and get cracking on this list!

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