This week is a week that A and I planned to take off about 10 months ago.  As we usually do, when we were off around Christmas, we mapped out our year ahead, and we scheduled a bit of vacation time together. Sadly, we did not hear the Fates screaming with laughter as we went through our calendars.

So, here it is, Tuesday morning, following a nice long holiday weekend. First day of vacation!

A is on her way to Berwick, where she will remain until Thursday night or Friday morning, depending on how work goes.

I have been sitting at the table and computer for three hours already, getting a bit of work done as well. I have  few more hours of work to do today, and then I *think* I am free until Friday morning when I have to go to the office to pick up a bunch of printed material, the keys to the van and some water bottles to take with me Saturday when I will be working all day (4 am until 7 pm) at an event we are sponsoring in Machias. (She sits quietly to listen.  Are they still chuckling there in Fateland?)

I try not to think about Saturday, it just frustrates me, as it is not my event, I did not choose the dates, and yet somehow, I have a lot of responsibility for making the thing happen.  I did put my foot down about the repeat event to be held in Ellsworth on the 13th.  I said I would do one event or the other.  Not both.  Because, after all, there is yet ANOTHER (but totally different) work thing happening on the 20th.  What’s with using up all the September Saturdays for work????? (repeating my mantra here “Glad to have a job glad to have a job glad to have a job”)

Enough whining already.

Here’s what else I plan to do today – empty and clean out the guest room and then put it all back together again, with an eye toward a long term guest recovering from knee replacement surgery.  Sister-in-law L will be coming here for a bit after her surgery at the end of the month, since her apartment is two stories, with the only bathroom upstairs.  We are so glad to be able to offer her our hospitality, we do love having her around. But the room is set up for short term, healthy stays.  No much closet/drawer space, not much room to move around.  We will see what I can do about that this week.  I thought about painting the room, as it is just primed, but that seemed like an invitation to work too hard.  🙂

I also promised A I would unpack one box of books and sort it out by “keep” or “toss”.  Even though we still have no beautiful custom-made bookshelves, she started the sorting process this weekend, and wants to keep it rolling.  I suspect I will open a  box of books, pull out two to give away, and put the rest back.  Then we will both be happy. 

if the promised showers hold off, I will do a bit of yard work, and if they don’t, I will work on the craft room cleanout.  That comes along slowly, but steadily. There are two small sets of shelves up there that I want to bring down and tuck in the guest room closet so L can unpack and settle in a bit, so that will kill two birds with one stone, so to speak.

Creatively, I expect I will do some stitching and knitting – it is time to start cranking out hats for the craft fair in November, and also, to finish up all the necklaces and things I made last spring for sale there.  I might make a few more sets of earrings to go along with them all, not sure yet. I also want to review the stash so I can see if I have yarn to make the leftie shawl – it looks like a great project to use up bits, if I have the right bits… if not, it looks like a great project to try some mini skeins, of which I have none. So I might do a little internet browsing.

This week, if it ever gets dry enough, I would like to do a little spray painting for things for the porch.  I just love spray painting, I am running out of things to paint, though!

And perhaps I will build my little porch swing at last?  We have the pallets, I need to bring them into the basement  to dry out, I will definitely get that done, but as for cutting them up and screwing them back together, well, time will tell.  But wouldn’t A be surprised if I got that done?  Truthfully, so would I.


How many days do I think I have????

Better go get the last of the work done so I can get to work.




5 thoughts on “Vacation!”

  1. You’ve set up a very busy vacation. Relax. Easy does it. Deep breath. Sit with a cup of tea. Watch and listen to the birds as they prepare for Autumn. It’s so hot and humid here that just the thought of moving a muscle causes a sweat.

    1. lol – I sit plenty, don’t you worry. It’s when the knitting and stitching get done. But here it is, 10#0-ish, and I have done 5 hours of “work” already. Now it’s time to empty the guest room and see what I want to do ini there. Good A isn’t home, she can’t stand the mess of a project in process. 🙂
      Then I will fix lunch and eat out on the porch. Today is cool and cloudy, it was stinking hot and humid yesterday, but it is still foggy this morning, so we are safe for a few more hours. But all the rain and damp means no sifting of dirt, too hard when it is wet.

  2. Don’t stress yourself out so much. I think a list of what you’d like to accomplish, in order from most important to important. Sprinkle some rewards throughout.

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