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it is only 2/3 complete, but it has been a good weekend thus far.


I stitched like crazy Friday and Saturday afternoons – such progress I made!

cross stitch 7


but alas, it is far from complete, and I had hoped to take it with me to my brother’s picnic today.  Oh well, I will keep working on it and send it along when it is finished.  So far I have found two places where I counted wrong.  One was bad enough to pull everything around i tout.  The other is one I think I can disguise when the rest of the background gets done.


Socks are coming along – I finished up the 20th pair in the car today (2.5 hours there, 2.5 hours back – long way to go for lunch!)

sws #20 finished

and cast on the 21st pair.

   sws #21


And that was just the start of it.  In addition to a healthy dose of yard work, I also finished cleaning out all the stitching magazines in the craft room.


Check it out!  That is a 2.5 inch binder, now full of clipped articles and patterns. It is all that remains of the magazines.  And all of those magazine holders which were jammed full are empty.  I have one that is less than half full of the things I saved.

clean out progress

Next up – knitting magazines.  I likely will not be as successful in emptying things, but I at least will get them organized and in date order. Then, a scary set – the paper crafting magazines. But lets not move too fast or it will seem overwhelming and nothing will happen.

But I have all week, right?

Other things that happened – we did go to my brother’s today – saw their brand new house, which they had built.  It is amazing to me how they got it all done before they moved in.  🙂  They have grass.  A paved driveway.  It’s a very large house – a bedroom for each kid – large ones at that, and a beautiful large master suite, with attached bath, dressing room, sitting area.  We lost count of the closets – there are dozens.  It is amazing.  And as Mom said “Well, it’s a nice house.  Not what I would choose, but it suits them.”  It has separate rooms for everything, where we have open space. But we haven’t got 5 people in our family.  🙂

Saw Dad and step mother S there – we rarely see them as they live so far away, but they came up for several days, apparently, and so we got to visit with them. They have Tigger’s two sisters, so that was a bit sad, hearing about them, and knowing Tig is no more. 

Also saw aunt V and cousins B and M, always fun to see them. They don’t live far away,relatively speaking, but we live very different lives so we don’t see each other often.


On the way home, we stopped in Augusta to shop at Staples – A needed a few things.  It happens to be right near AC Moore, so I had 20 minutes to race through the store.  I was really looking for a frame for the cross stitch – but I can’t do that in a hurry, I decided.  I did, however, grab a few small pads of 6 x 6 scrapbook paper for cards and a rubber stamp.  I also got 5 tiny little canvases for some multi-media art I want to try,.  We will see if it fares better than the last ones I did.

Tomorrow we hang about at home – if it is nice, A wants to go to the driving range in the morning, but otherwise we are home and puttering.  

One thing we are working on is technology.  We are actually going to hook up our wireless hub – no more long cords to the computers.  🙂  then the TV will be even more spectacular, and since DISH Satellite still has not resolved the contract issues with our local CBS, it will be great to be able to watch it online.

I did hook up an antenna to the TV up in the craft room, and so we do get the channel up there, but it is not comfortable for sitting and watching TV ( unless you are also crafting, of course!).  Not sure how we will resolve that, but we will before the new NCIS season starts.  Antenna did no good on the big TV in the living room, sadly.

I’ll keep  you posted on all  of our progress.  🙂




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13 responses to “weekend update

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  1. Lots of buzzing about you do every week. Sounds like fun.

    • lately there has been lots of it, hasn’t there? I think I have to work the next few weekends, so not sure what will happen. You know my favorite weekends are the ones where the cars never leave the driveway, right? And sometimes (in winter, mostly) where my butt never leaves the couch. But I have to make up for all that in the summer when it is nice out.

  2. You are a sock knitting supremo! 21!!!! My SWS resulted in two finished pairs and another on the go. I do want more socks but there’s always something else to knit!

    • lol – I know, but I am addicted – plus I do wear them every day all winter. Last winter my socks were really boring, and this year they will pop! Since I wear them with skirts and tights, they always show. However, I do have a few other things I want to make, so I may break my rule on number of WIPS (one mobile, one not) this fall. Plus I have to finish some things for that craft fair I said I would do. And there is Leftie on my mind as well. oh dear….

      • Ah. My feet tend to be in boots. Mostly I wear leggings and socks inside the boots. I prefer leggings to tights cos they’re warmer, stretchier, less itchy, are ladder proof and hey, they fit with my image of myself much better! I have a wardrobe of dresses and tunics I wear with them. I do have a few skirts but mostly I like dresses. 🙂 don’t talk to me about WIPs. I bought some Knit Col yarn today to make a little cardy for D’s granddaughter. It just kind of happened when I popped into Marmalade for my second ball of Mille Colori luxe! This shawl is going to be HUGE!

        • if I could find leggings that fit and I liked, I might switch. I like my skirts because I can mix and match tops and sweaters – and I am short and solid, so it is tough to get dresses that fit and don’t look like giant tents or sacks.
          I have found tights that survive the year – I usually get 4 pair of balck, 4 pair of navy, and they make it through the winter. Which reminds me – it is almost time to order them…. I get them from “Just My Size” just plain old nylon tights. They do have some with cotton in them, but they cost a lot more and don;t fit as well. But the fact that they are just nylon *might* be why my feet are always cold, adn so I add the socks!

          • Haha I’m tall 5’10 and solid. Dresses hide the fact that I have no waist!! I can see why you’d avoid that look if you’re shorter! I can’t bear nylon! I have to wear tights sometimes (party conferences) but ugh. I get my leggings from Evans (plus size clothing shop) and they’re about right. Love ’em.

          • Lol – I have a waist, but the hips and bust have a lot of “flare” so fitted things look really odd. Skirts seem to work for me. I’ll have to look more into leggings! Wish I was closer to 5’10 than I am!

  3. You have been really busy, and doing so very much. Wow. 🙂

  4. Wow that’s a lot done. The cross stitch is beautiful. Now you can start refilling those empty magazine holders. You are so organized. The socks are wonderful. 21 pairs! My total for the year is 2 pairs and one in the process of being mangled. I need to seriously sit down and give a good talking to myself.

    • Lol – I Do have piles of magazines that had no home – I’ll edit them and tuck them away in neat order, of course. Then, in 20 years, I can go through this exercise again. 🙂

      please do not even begin to compare my output to yours – you are doing lots of knitting that involves your brain and math and designing – way harder and more time consuming than knitting around mindlessly on 60 stitches…

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