Sunday afternoon

camp molly
Where we were – A’s sister K has a camp by a lake for the week, and invited us to spend the afternoon with her. We were glad to do so!


What we did – all things water-related – tried out the new Kayak (that’s A speeding along!), went swimming, threw the frisbee countless time for the dog to swim and fetch.

It was a nice peaceful summer Sunday afternoon.


12 thoughts on “Sunday afternoon”

  1. Sounds fabulous! Look at A go in that boat *impressed and admiring look* 😄

    I nearly commented on your other post, to say, ‘blimey you *were* optimistic!’ But I stopped myself because I don’t want to win. Lol. Wouldn’t be a good idea to start a new hobby, there’d just be more WIPs!! I’ve still got a tapestry set D bought me for Christmas (that I asked for!) that I’ve never touched. We have a bank holiday today so I’m going to knit all day! X

    1. lol OK, I won’t get you started on another hobby. Yet. 🙂

      I have lots of things up in that room that I am NOT getting rid of because I am DETERMINED to get to them someday. 🙂 I had an aunt who was single and not very wealthy. When she retired, she had very little extra income, and she used to say to me to stock up while I could, then I would have the supplies when I retired. I took her seriously, apparently. But it is ridiculous. I would have to be retired for 50 years to get it all done.

      1. Haha I’ll remember that. I reckon it would take me 3 years to knit my stash. Maybe longer. That’s a bit shocking! Though I’m intending to be a well off and eccentric aunt/ godmother 🙂

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