Can anyone lend me a wetsuit?

The ALS bucket challenge has caught up with me. Our Finance Director challenged me today. He is being gracious and allowing me until Monday to comply, so that I Can do it here at the office. So nice of him! He also challenged our Executive Director and another coworker, so it will be a “social” thing to do.

However – I am trying to think of a way to make it less painful, and a wetsuit would help.

By the way, since he so unkindly challenged me, I am putting this picture out for all the world to see. πŸ™‚

That’s him, Kevin Bean. (I don’t usually name names on this blog, but, well, there you have it. We are a bit competitive around here, and he will pay for this one.) πŸ™‚ That’s our Executive Director helping to pour the bucket on him. What Kevin did that was nice was allow us to gather donations for our school back pack program – he basically sold off the right to dump the water on him. The woman who won couldn’t lift that big bucket high enough, so she got some help. We raised enough money for 5 more backpacks, just from what we all had in our wallets today.

Kevin ice bucket2

I hope the weather warms up before Monday, I don’t want to get frostbite…


5 thoughts on “Can anyone lend me a wetsuit?”

  1. Rain hat and rain coat might help if you can’t get the wet suit. Guess an umbrella would defeat the whole purpose. That was a great idea of auctioning off the chance to pour cold water over his head and putting it toward a good cause. I would have a bathing suit beneath a long sleeve shirt and long skirt. Layers that are easily shed.

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