Good weekend

Unlike last weekend which ended with me just feeling down, this weekend was busy and fun.

I made some good progress on the stitching, the knitting, and the crocheting – but I haven’t got my camera handy right now, so you will have to wait for photos.

A and I got chores done on Friday and Saturday morning, then headed into Ellsworth where we put a deposit on a new pellet stove. Technically, the old one still works, but it needs more and more service, and it is getting VERY noisy. The year we bought it was the year of the stove shortage, so we could not get the much nicer one we wanted. Well, we found out the stove place will let us do a lay-away with no interest or fees, so we went for it. If our plan works, we will have the new one installed in October. We also got nice confirmation that the kind of pellets we bought this year really are lots better than the kind we have used in previous years, and so we should be MUCH warmer this winter. Ahhh, I am glad to have that worry off my mind. 4 tons of pellets and one ton of bio-bricks all stowed away, just waiting for Mother Nature to play her icy games with us.

I made some gluten-free chocolate chip cookies to take to a family gathering at Mom’s on Sunday – they came out OK but were very crumbly. Actually, I think they must have tasted pretty good, because my brother N who is well-known in the family for not eating broken cookies as kid took home a plate full of broken cookies. ๐Ÿ™‚

It was so good to see everyone, it has been months since the last time we all got together. I had some trepidation about the gathering, but it went well. My brother C is the one who gave us Tigger when he didn’t want her any more. I really was afraid he would give me a raft of you-know-what about losing her, but he never said a word. Brother N, sister C and brother-in-law R all expressed condolences which were much appreciated. Brother C said nothing, which is FINE. You just never know what he will say. Example: My grandmother died on Thanksgiving day two years ago. I spent three days racing back and froth between her in CT and home, a six plus hour trip. One of the reasons for the extra trip was to take HIS daughter from college to home, as I had planned to do that week. Anyway, I came home for Thanksgiving, thinking I would head back that night. I walked into the home where we were all having our holiday gathering , and Bro C said “You didn’t stay long enough.” huh? I didn’t know what he was talking about. “You should have stayed one more day.” I looked exhausted and puzzled, and my sister broke in to ask if Dad had called me that morning. He hadn’t caught me to let me know my grandmother had died. I thought it took great strength to not say to my brother “You didn’t go at all, so back off.” I was ready for him this time, and so pleasantly surprised to have worried for naught.


There was pool swimming, even though it was cloudy and cold, and the pool is cold because it just never got warm this summer – the good part was I could swim without a long-sleeved shirt and hat! Nephew B and Niece E and Mom and I stayed in quite a while. I stayed as long as I could stand with E, because I remember as a kid not getting to swim all I wanted when I needed an adult. This memory often causes me to stay in the water until I am chilled and shivering, and this was another time. But it was great to swim, and E and I had fun after everyone else got out. She is ALMOST swimming – the arms are good, the legs tend to sink after a stroke or two. She just can’t quite relax enough, but she is getting there.

Niece C (the elder) has recovered well from her jaw reconstruction ordeal, and looks great! She lost weight (2 months on liquids will do that, I guess) and seems happy with her progress. Allowed to eat anything, but still working on muscle rehab, so she doesn’t eat crunchy things yet. But she seems happy to have things lined up properly.

Nephew B is the same cheerful fellow he has been since birth, looking forward to going back to college this week. His twin N had to work, so we didn’t see her this time, but will in a couple of weeks when we go to their new house for a picnic.

My sister did tell us a very funny story while we were sitting around knitting in the afternoon yesterday. Niece E (the younger, age 7) has recently been paying some attention to the real Christmas story (the one with Jesus, not Santa Claus). She is one with a brain that turns over everything, puzzling and wondering, and she asks amazing questions. My sister wanted to a little fact checking with Mom as she works very hard to give accurate answers to her little one. So she was telling Mom all the questions and making sure she got the answers right (which she did) and then she said “but I just couldn’t answer this one. And we spit our tea.” It seems E is fascinated by the whole story about being nailed to the cross. “What’s a cross?” Explained, (demonstrated with knitting needles.) More questions on construction details.

Then.. wait for it…

“Mom, why did they nail him to the cross? Why didn’t they just nail him to the wall?”

I, too would have spit tea. ๐Ÿ™‚

10 thoughts on “Good weekend”

  1. Family fun. Just when you’re ready for what you know they are going to say or do they take the opposite tack. Sounds like you had a good time. Question: How did you manage to swim with a hat on? Was it a knitted hat?

    1. lol – this time, I did not swim in a hat, the one I have to use when the sun is out is not knitted, it is a big broad rimmed hat in something indestructable. I just hang onto it when I duck my head, and wear it and swim with my head above water. I don’t do laps or anythign in Mom’s pool, so it works OK. Much nicer to swim on a cloudy day, though, with just a bathing suit!

  2. Oo I hate a cool pool! I really don’t like swimming, more the idea of it! Can’t keep my kids out of a single body of water they come across, little magnets to puddles they are! sounds like you are feeling better! glad to hear it.

    1. Thanks, I am a bit better each day. Still very sad about Tigger, but getting resigned to her loss.

      I am like your kids – never saw water I didn’t want to be in. ๐Ÿ™‚ However, as I grow older, I find I like pools more than sandy beaches – it’s the sand that is so annoying! This summer has been so cool, though, that I have not missed swimming like I thought I would. Haven’t yet got to the lake that is on my way home from work!

  3. When your brother likes what you made, you know it’s good. I had to cook the turkey one Thanksgiving. My brother had two helpings. As he’s a meat and potatoes man, I know I did good.

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