sunday last day of vacation   20 comments

Ever have one of those days where everything just feels overwhelming and hard?

That’s today.

No sign of Tigger. 8 days. Weekend warriors have opened sheds and garages, no cat.
Work tomorrow, and a load of overwhelming crap to deal with.
Slipped and fell in the bathroom this morning (that will teach me to clean the sink, right?) and though basically am fine, only a little bit of a sore knee, it just added on to the general feeling of crap.
Loading two tons of pellets into the basement this morning, caught a bag on the buckle on my shoe and tore it open. 40 pounds of pellets to sweep up.

Oh, and Zumba went out through a screen on the screened porch last night. While I was able to easily catch her and fix it, it means we have to figure out how to make the screens stronger, and we can’t leave the house opened up when we aren’t paying attention. She wasn’t even trying, she just is so big (15 pounds) that when she jumped up after a bug, she just went right on through. Pulled it out of its little screen track.

I am almost afraid to touch any of my needlework projects. Yet I also think I should just sit down on the couch and knit and stay there for the rest of my life.

On a good note, I love how this yarn is knitting up into these luscious little socks.

sws #19


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20 responses to “sunday last day of vacation

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  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your cat. 😦 I’ll keep her in my thoughts and hope she gets home soon. I would check with that weird pet-claiming neighbor again just to be sure. I don’t have outdoor cats myself so I’m not sure what will help get her back,

    Either way, it sounds like you hit the bottom on the crap-tastic level. You know what that means, right? 🙂 Things will start looking up now.

    Also that yarn is gorgeous! What brand/colorway is it?

    • thanks for the reminder that things will be looking up! I usually am pretty optimistic, but not today.

      the yarn is MadelineTosh Tosh sock in Spectrum colorway.
      i might need more so I can make a whole wardrobe from it.

      • Everyone’s allowed to have a pessimistic day. 🙂 Things are a bit shitty right now, but you earned karma points by dragging yourself through it!

        The colorways for this yarn are stunning, I just checked out the site. It’s a good thing I’m broke!

  2. I am sorry for you and Tigger both. It may be time to seek the comfort and peace you need to heal. You may want to check with Home Depot to see about a stronger screen. Or you may want to install decorative iron grille work preventing Zumba from getting at the screen. Hope you are all right from your fall. Bathrooms and kitchens are the two most dangerous rooms in a house. Easy does it and get some footwear that has strong grips on them for just that kind of work.

    • thanks. yes, time to face facts, Tig is gone. As for Zumba – I think I have a few solutions I can try, including a trellis on the windows, which I was toying with anyway.

      you mean barefoot isn’t ideal?

  3. How is your knee this morning. Hope you rested it a bit. Take care and look after yourself.
    Still hoping Tigger will return, one never knows with kitties. They have a mind of their own.
    I love blue yarns. I am drooling over yours. Stunning. Going to be very pretty socks. 🙂

    • thanks very much!

      Knee is OK today, a little stiff and sore but the kind that can be walked off. I kept a bag of frozen beans on it for a while yesterday, I think that helped.

      I also started the hitchhiker shawl in a pretty blue, I will post about that later this week – lots of pretty blues coming along now!

  4. Sending out positive thoughts for Tigger’s return.(((hugs)))

  5. Sounds like one rotten day … Very sorry to hear that.

  6. Jeez–nothing like a Sunday like that to make a person glad to go back to work! I’m still hoping for Tigger–one of my cats was gone for 2 months before she turned up–are you checking the “found” column in the newspaper?

  7. I’m glad you’re okay after your slip. Have you put up notices about your cat and checked with animal shelters? Sorry she hasn’t come back yet. Nice yarn there.

    • thanks – I am glad to be fine, too.

      We live way out in the woods, so unlikley she is in a shelter, but I did call the local vet so he would know to keep an eye out if someone brings in a hurt kitty.

  8. I feel your pain! Hope your day improvedXx

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