And we now return to our normally scheduled program

Thus, this post *might* contain some knitting information. And it *might* be socks.

Yes, it is Monday morning. Yes, I am home on vacation. One of those vacations where I don’t have to be anywhere or do anything, and I am home alone. I do have quite a list (no surprise) of things I want to get done this week, but here I am, reading and writing in the blogland.

I finished another pair of socks this weekend, number 17!

sws 17 finished 1 foot a

sws 17 finished 2 feet

And cast on the next pair right away. I tried to get a good shot of the new pair without a flash, but finally gave in. Here are two shots, one with flash, one without.
sws #18

sws 18 no flash

The one with shows you the variety of colors in this great yarn (another Tosh Sock, this one named Alizarin) and the one without gives you a truer idea of what the colors are. I am knitting the Poseidon Socks from Elinor Brown of “Exercise Before Knitting”. Free on Ravelry, of course. The lace pattern should be easy, as it is 8 rows, but only two different pattern rounds. I just haven’t gotten used to it enough yet to read what row I am on so it is going a bit slowly here at the start. I know that in one more pattern repeat I will have it nailed and it will fly, like the last pair did.

In other news, I slept out on the porch for the first time last night. Not because it was too hot to bear being inside but because the child pictured below did not come home, and I wanted to be able to hear her if she did. She did not. Still not home. Trying to remember that she lived a free existence before coming here and she is likely fine. And that my old striped cat twice left for 5 days before arriving home safe and sound like no big deal. However, I would prefer that she come home. We have gone back to our original decision – no outside time for these cats. So, when the lovely little Tigger does get home, she will be inside forever. We think.


Oh, and it was great sleeping out there, I forgot how much I love it. Even if it was on a pile of porch cushions and not my hanging swing. The swing moves ever closer, as the phoebes are close to fledgling size, and once they fledge, we can reclaim our cellar entry way. Which means I can haul the half pallets down to the basement to do the clean cutting and assembly where the power tools and workbench and all manner of useful things are. Maybe this week?

Next up – head outside for some yard work and maybe giving Tigger a call. Then a run to the PO, maybe a little sock knitting or embroidery. I haven’t forgotten my stitching project – look how far I have gotten. Ok, it doesn’t look like much, but I have to say, hours spent on this does not show the same progress that hours spent knitting does.

cross stitch 3

PS – WordPress tells me that this is my 500th post. And you are all hanging in with me – thank you very much!


9 thoughts on “And we now return to our normally scheduled program”

  1. I hope Tigger comes home soon. Try running a spoon around an empty can of food. It may get him to come. The socks look wonderful. A lot of progress on the cross stitch. Looks great. Fingers crossed for Tigger.

    1. thanks. last night i did go out with dish and spoon. today I will start canvassing neighbors to see if anyone has seen her, and if they would be so kind as to look in any sheds or garages they had open yesterday. She has never before travelled far, but of course, I know she can, and gets bolder each day.

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