First Friday list and a vacation plan

This week I have something different on the list – a trip to Mom’s.

I haven’t been there much all summer, and we have had to cancel at least one yarn-y excursion, so I hope nothing interferes this time.

A is working in a little town the other side of Mom’s, so we got “permission” for her to drop me off early in the morning, and pick me up on the way back. Stepdad is recovering from some “minor” back surgery that isn’t as minor as we all had hoped, so we will not do too much – but we will knit, and swim and visit, which is all good.

It is the first day of a week of mostly vacation for me, I am looking forward to relaxing and doing yard work, as well as going on a yarn/lunch excursion with Mom. We plan to finally get to the Cashmere Goat in Camden – still never been there, but I do want to check it out. Not a very “L” LYS, but nicely located between the two of us in a town that has lots of little shops and places for lunch. And a million tourists – ugh.

I also hope to make good progress on some yard work – not just pool related, but weeding, trimming, etc.

And there are several August birthday cards to make, and craft room clean out to continue on with.

And as seems to be the norm, there is a work-related meeting I have to chair on Thursday, so that day is a work day, not a vacation day. I do wish I could get a whole week off at home once in a while, but it seems if I don’t leave town, I don’t get the week completely free.

That’s about it – not sure what time A will get done on friday, and what we will find to do on the way home, but I’ll be sure to let you know about it!


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