How I did with my Friday list – words and photos galore.

I did everything on my Friday list! It has been a long time since that happened.

First up – the shawl –

I finished knitting it Friday afternoon and blocked it. Today it came off the foam board. I love it! It always amazes me how lumpy thick, small pieces can be totally reshaped and come out as fabulous lace.

Remember this?

gail shawl

Well, I did this to it

nightsong blocked close up

nightsong blocked

And got this out of it!
nightsong blocked complete

Second up – a drive to the Stonington Farmers Market

I love going to Stonington. You might remember that I went down there last winter to do some free tax prep? It was cold, bumpy and desolate. Yesterday? Not so much. Here are some photos I snapped along the way – some through the windshield, sorry they are blurry.

Stonington is about an hour away – down a long peninsula with fabulous views of the islands and Penobscot Bay at various points – and some pretty flowers, too. I always think of roses and day lilies when I think of Stonington in summer. There is nothing like the smell of the flowers, the pines, and the ocean. Just heavenly.

This is a blueberry barren along the way down the peninsula – there was a lot of blue showing, but not in the photos – almost harvest time!

driving in Stonington 6

caterpillar hill 1

caterpillar hill 2


Once you reach the end of the peninsula, you have to cross the bridge to get to Little Deer Isle. (You actually can see the bridge in the third photo. It looks a lot tinier there!)

deer isle bridge

Then, you have to take the serpentine causeway to get to Deer Isle, which has two small towns – Deer Isle Village and Stonington. Stonington is at the tip of the island.


It is perched on a big hill of granite at the edge of Penobscot Bay. I just love all the wooden houses perched on the edge of the earth, and the beautiful gardens.

driving in Stonington

driving in Stonington 1

driving in Stonington 2

driving in Stonington 3

driving in Stonington 4

driving in Stonington 5

Isn’t it pretty? Even that cell tower is pretty with all the black-eyed susans blooming in the garden beneath it.

Coming home, I took a moment to snap a photo of one of my favorite places – this barren is one I drive by every day to get to work – I love that stony field with the lone tree. 🙂 Appropriate that this is through the windshield as that is how I always see it.


And oh yes, I did remember to go to the market while I was in Stonington – got some delicious cheese, chocolate, veggies and raspberries. Deliciousness.

farmers market haul

Inspired by all the summer gardens, I raided the wilds around our house for a couple of little bouquets. (Like that blue jar? My very talented sister made it for me!)
wildflowers 7 25 14

kitchen windowsill

And, lest we forget – sock knitting – I did some yesterday, and today, finished my 16th pair this year! And of course, cast on number 17 immediately. 🙂

sws 16 complete 2

13 thoughts on “How I did with my Friday list – words and photos galore.”

    1. thanks – it was fun – it is such a pretty drive to a place that feels like another world. yes, the socks are really piling up! I won’tneed to make more for many years.

  1. Ahhh. The pictures made me a little homesick. The shawl is wonderful. A ton of lace work. I like the socks too. The flowers are beautiful. We lost the rest of ours when Bambi came out of the woods followed by one little fawn. She has pretty much cropped everything and understandably so, she has a little one to feed.

    1. It seems bambi and her mom don’t eat queen anne’s lace, goldenrod or black-eyed susans. They are too prolific and common. Much better to eat the vegetable garden.

      Didn’t mean to make you homesick, but if it gets you to Maine, then it was worth it, right? I think the YR wants a road

      1. Our deer here love black-eyed susans. Cropped each one. YR would need a tranquilizer for such a long car ride. He’s terrified of riding in the car. No matter how much we have tried to work with him to make him comfortable he’s a nervous wreck before we even reach the end of our road.

        1. OK, keep your deer! I am happy to have something that grows wild and is pretty (as opposed to annoying like crabgrass) that the deer won’t eat.

          As for dear little YR – perhaps some immersion training? A good 9-10 hour ride to Maine? 🙂 LOL I understand, though – when we got Allie and Zumba, I said “We are taking these kittens in the car. No more fearing the crate” and we did, for a while, and it works, they aren’t terrified of their annual trip to the vet – a whole 2 miles away. Allie even goes with us to the dump regularly. Zumba just isn’t interested either way. She sleeps in the car. But Tigger? We didn’t get her until she was 2. She is hysterical at the thought of the crate, the car, anything like that. She turns into a wildcat. The trip when I brought her home was awful, almost 2 hours in the car, she was covered in everything that could come out of her body, including blood from trying to escape the crate. I knew then that we were in trouble. So, we only fight with her once a year to go to the vet, and that is enough for all of us.

          If you say YR can’t come to Maine, I believe you.

          1. We keep trying to get him to settle. We do short trips down the end of the road to the smaller river near us where he can watch geese and swans and blue herons. But he’s a nervous wreck the whole time. He shakes so terribly. We would love to take him places, but for now, he’s just a little homebody.

          2. Oh, poor guy! You are doing the right thing, though, taking him places that end in fun, not the vet. Maybe someday he will be a good rider. MY grandmother used to have two dogs who loved to ride. And one also loved to escape and run free. The only way we could catch her was to get the big car out of the barn, open the door. Then she would come running, and we would have to give her a ride. Before I got my license, I used to love to drive her up and down the drive, practicing. They are all so funny, these pets of ours.

    1. thank you! I really like it. I’ll wrap up in it in just a few months.

      I’d love to take you to Stonington if ever you are in the states. There is so much more to it than I showed, I just love it in any season, but especially when the flowers bloom.

      as for socks, yes, this socks with Sarah thing is working well for my feet!

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