Quick Monday update

Just wanted to let you know why it has been so quiet, and that the silence will end! Weekend was wonderful – good combination of work, crafting, resting and relaxing. But in all of that, I spilled a glass of juice on the laptop!


I shut it off fast. Stood it on its head and wiped up the resulting mess. Wiped down the keyboard and screen. Left it off for two days.

Prayed hard!

Turned  it on this morning and all is well. Not sure how sticky things are inside, I hope I got it cleaned up fast enough.

So, there will be some catch up posting later on.  🙂


8 thoughts on “Quick Monday update”

  1. Here’s something that I’ve used when spilling things on a laptop (it’s more common than you think). Most times, keys are removable. If you notice any sticking keys, power off the laptop completely and gently pry off each of the keys. Use a mildly damp cloth to clean around the buttons under the keys and the underside of the keys themselves. Then pop them back on (there’s usually a ‘click’ sound to let you know they’re back on).

    Granted, not EVERY laptop has removable keys and it’s harder to remove the keys on a Mac than a Windows machine (mainly due to the unibody design of the Mac). I’d look online to see if your laptop model does have removable keys and if it does, and they’re sticking, go to town. Just remember to put them all back in the right place!

    1. thanks for the tip! I have taken keys off a regular keyboard before, so I was hoping I could do that if need be. So far, the stickiness is the tops, and I keep wiping it up as I come to it. But eventually, I would think the innards would want the same treatment. Why I couldn’t have been drinking water just then, I do not know. 🙂

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