A different kind of Friday list

Good morning!

It is FINALLY Friday, and the weather has delivered a beautiful, dry day. Sounds like we might get a whole weekend like this! Of course, it has become more difficult to tell as our satellite company and our favorite local station have decided to call it quits. Now we get pseudo-local news and weather. Kind of like Congress, they each want what they want and will not compromise. Never mind that we, the consumer, who actually pay for the service, want them to reach an agreement. Whatever.

So, what will I be up to today? You know, I really am not sure how the day will unfold. A is off today, and still snuggled under the comforter enjoying a rare lazy morning. Cats and I are up at normal time, so I did a little shawl knitting, and likely will do some more crafting this morning. I should be out digging, but the mosquitoes are also out enjoying this beautiful morning. So I think I will sit with coffee and crafting on the screened porch for a bit. After all that rain the last few days, it will feel nice not to be muggy.

But, I can’t do that all day (I guess) so I likely will do some laundry and run some errands – which will include mailing off the craftroom giveaway prize to littleblackdogsa in South Africa; and picking up the package of yarn I hope hope hope has arrived at the PO.

This evening we are going to a gathering at one of A’s co-workers, to say good-bye to another co-worker who is leaving the company. Neither of us are much fr parties, but we will make an appearance. Then, since we will be in Bangor, we will do a few things – maybe go to Staples and recycle some printer cartridges, do the grocery shopping int he great big supermarket, instead of our smaller market. And who knows what else will get done?

I have finished my third full week of gluten-free living, and I have to say that as a weight loss plan, it isn’t so great. Not sure how, but I actually gained weight last week. I hope for a different result this week. I am eating so much better now, nice veggie salads for lunch, with some protein like chicken or tuna in them, and supper is simple lean meat and a veggie or another salad. I am not using lots of processed foods to replace breads(although A did make me g-f crepes last Sunday, I only had two, and filled them with strawberries) so I guess I will not worry about the weight, but focus instead on just being healthier.

Other things to fill my time – make a birthday card for niece C the younger, who will be 18 in a couple of weeks. Meant to do that last week but never got to it.

Worry about niece B, elder sister of C the younger, who is in the hospital undergoing all sort of gruesome tests to determine why her pancreas has stopped working. I try not to focus on all the things I foolishly read on the internet about pancreatic trouble, and just go with sending her positive thoughts. She has been there all week, and today has a colonoscopy. This is when I hate that they are so far away. Well, I always hate it, but this is when I REALLY hate it.

Also, I did start the cross stitch piece, which will likely take forever – it is on 18 count cloth, and while not big (5 inches by 7 inches) it is quite detailed, with 30 colors of thread. I did a good bit last night, but did not put a dent in it. So, it is a longer term project than I thought, but I will work away at it, and it really is a lovely thing, so I am glad I am making it.

And, I have to get a hold of the book I am supposed to be reading for book group, called the Rules of Etiquette, and that is all I know about it! I’ll stop at the bookstore today, see if they have it, and if not, I know they will order it for me, and it will be here in time to give me about a week to read it. Which may or may not be long enough.

And knit a bit on socks as well. Because more yarn is arriving today!

An up and down sort of day, I guess.

4 thoughts on “A different kind of Friday list”

  1. Hope things turn out well for your niece. It is hard when family is not immediately close by when illness hits. Do show the cross stitch to us. I used to cross stitch, I don’t know if I can see well enough to do it anymore, but I enjoyed it. I made cross stitch X-mas stockings for my nephews when they were 6 and 3. They still have them and they’re 21 and 18. They display them every Xmas.

    Today is some yoga, grocery store, library, and a glass of ice tea in the shade. Oh yes, and starting some toe up socks for myself.

    1. yoga! iced tea in the shade! Sounds like peace and quiet to me, I am so glad you get some, and hope it works out that way in the end. (Why do I think we will get a funny story in a day or so?)

      I am keeping my chin up about B. She is such a nice kid, very goal oriented but sweet. If it is a chronic thing, she will be able to deal with it. So I hope and hope…

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