why don’t deer eat crabgrass?

It is really quite frustrating that they will eat pretty much anything else that grows in this gravel pit of a yard, but the one thing I DON’T want in the raised beds, they carefully leave.

Why not eat it? It’s green, it grows fast, it is tough enough to last through flood and drought. It seems their food problems could be solved if they would just eat the crabgrass instead of the tomatoes, strawberries, pansies, peas, beans….


6 thoughts on “why don’t deer eat crabgrass?”

  1. Ahhhh! But crabgrass is not as tasty as tomatoes, strawberries, etc. Deer are magical creatures. No matter how many times I buy deer resistant plants, they crop the thing down to the roots. If I really don’t want them to touch something I have to put deer netting around it. Otherwise everything is potential food.

    1. lol I know! I find tomato cages across the yard where I assume they wound up after getting deer heads caught in them. Then they realize that it isn’t worth the trouble, so some of the plants survive. But the crabgrass thing makes me nuts – they will eat the thing I want to grow right down to the dirt, but the crabgrass, right next to it, is untouched.

    1. I haven’t yet! I mostly use fencing or netting when it gets really bad, but I haven’tr sprayed anyhting yet. I might of this keeps up. I should find some spray they really love and spray the crabgrass, maybe then they would eat it for me, right? 🙂

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