hot summer day

hot summer day

Is there anything better on a hot summer day than to sit on a shady porch with a tall iced tea and some knitting and good reading? (Please don’t mention that yes, a pool would make it that much better.)

sws #16 at start

I actually did a lot of knitting – on these new socks and

gail shawl

on the Gail Nightsongs shawl, which is whizzing right along.

morning surf scarf

Meanwhile, upstairs, the blocked dropped stitch morning surf scarf was drying on its blocking wires.

C's card 1

This card is one I made for niece C (the elder) last week – she got it already, so I can show it here. It actually was about as easy as a card could be, using the Cricut machine and Damask Cartridge. It’s the demo project they show in the book. I just loved it, and it was easy to make this pretty, elegant card. She loves light blue, and pretty things, so I hope it cheered her up while she recovers.

15 thoughts on “hot summer day”

    1. thanks for all the compliments. By hand? that would be rough! I don’t have steady enough hands.

      I really like that scarf pattern, it is really simple, and looks so pretty when it is all one and blocked

    1. thanks! I never really thought I would like shawls until I did one a few years ago as a learning experience/challenge, and I loved makign it and wearing it, so now I have a few in my queue. 🙂

      Niece is doing better, I think, not much communication with her (understandable as her jaw is what got operated on!)

    1. lol thanks – I can only keep track because I limit how many things I have going! I finished knitting the blocked shawl last week, so started another. I now have three things going if you count the sock left over blanket, and that is more than I usually allow myself. I just keep them handy and work on everythign a bit each day. It gets done eventually.

  1. Wow you’ve been very busy. The card is beautiful. And the finished scarf looks great. Sigh. To be able to block a finished item and let it lay in peace without having to stand guard over it doesn’t happen here. Iced tea, porch, knitting…no it doesn’t get much better than that. Enjoy.

    1. thanks!

      You forget, we have cats. So all blocking is done in the crqaft room. the craft room actually has a screened door on it, to keep the cats out when I am not in there to catch them at play with my yarn. Our guest room also has a screened door on it – so guests can have light and air without cats if they don;t want them.

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