What’s this? A Monday list?

Yes indeed, here it is Monday morning and here I am at home. Alone. So, naturally, I made a list.

It looks a lot like a Friday list, actually.

I already went to the PO and the drug store, so those errands were done before they were even written down.

All that is left is laundry, a few dishes, an hour or so of digging in the yard, and then getting cleaned up to go to lunch with Mom and B.

After that, I see a relaxing afternoon on the porch with my knitting. I am contemplating my next non-sock project. It will either be a shawl of some sort or a cardigan. These are the patterns I am looking at – what do you think? This cardigan would be in a navy blue with a green tweedy look to it. These shawls here and here just look so lacy and beautiful, I might have to make them both, I have a soft grey cascade heritage silk yarn that could work, I also have a blue Tosh light that I think is enough for one of them. hmm…. I have been wanting to start them for a while. I have that rule about number of WIPs permitted to keep me from an outbreak of startitis, b ut since I finished my morning surf scarf, I can start a new one now. But…I also have a little project I want to do for my brother N and his wife D, who moved into their new house a few weeks ago. I have heard through the grapevine that we are having some sort of gathering there in a few weeks, so if I am going to make something, I should get going. Just not entirely positive I know what that something is. I was looking for something in the craft room and came across a counted cross stitch kit I had always planned to make for them, now might be the time…but I also was thinking of a painted/paper/altered medium thing for them, so I have to give it some thought. Probably even if I start it right now it won’t get done this month, so I might go ahead and cast on that shawl… or maybe that sweater… what do you think?


21 thoughts on “What’s this? A Monday list?”

  1. The cross stitch might take quite a while depending on the size and complexity. And perhaps you need some knitting anyway in which case I’d say knit the Gail/Nightsong. I made one and it gets loads of compliments.

  2. I would totally go with the Gail shawl. I think it would look stunning in just about any color and doesn’t seen like it’s overly complicated as well.

    1. ROTFL, seriously. 🙂 They have one dog and three mostly grown kids – none of whom would understand or appreciate felted food bowls like you would!

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