Craft room cleanout giveaway!


I know Crimson Crow has been waiting to see this post for a few weeks – and here it is!

When working on the craft room clean out (still in process) we worked on a bin of fabric I had. It had a lot of fabric I love but have to face that I will never use.

It is too good to just heave, so I thought I would offer it up as a giveaway here.

There are about two yards of each of the red, green, and cream (the cream one is a wee bit darker than shows in the photograph, but not much). The print is small but not busy, and obviously, they are all the same print in the different colorways.

It’s all been washed and dried, so should be ready for your sewing or crafting needs.

Want it? Leave a comment by next Thursday night and include your email address (it is OK to spell it out if you want to defeat the web crawlers), and I will draw the winner on Friday. No limit as to where you live, I’ll be glad to ship this fabric to a new home anywhere.

Good luck!


21 thoughts on “Craft room cleanout giveaway!”

    1. thanks, MariahPotter, I appreciate the help promoting the giveaway. I am sure as I continue to to sort and edit the stashes, there will be more that is worthy of giving away, so stay tuned!

  1. love this giveaway and would like to participate..the prints are just lovely and so is the colours (which looks quite chrismassy) heehee.. 😀 thank you for a chance to win. 😉

  2. I love the fabrics. Perfect for making loads of pretty goodies for the Festive Season, colours would be perfect. If I am the lucky winning of some pretties, I would be happy to provide you with details, etc. I live of Johannesburg, South Africa, and hope it is not too far. 🙂

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