Getting caught up

I am about to dump all sorts of things on you guys – road trips, shopping results, family events,a little DIY, and of course, knitting. Sorry to have been gone so long, but I will get you caught up with what I have been up to!

First off – the beaded lights project. I wish I had a before photo for you – but let me describe, instead. The original string of lights had the square frames, wrapped with clear beads strung on a wire. I collected a variety of strings of colored glass beads, divided them evenly by the number of lights I had (10) and strung them on beading wire. I attached that to the frame, and then just wrapped between the rows of clear beads. It took about three hours to complete, but I think they are a lot prettier now, and more fun. I hope to hang them on the screened porch, but I might put them in the dining room where the door to the porch is, so I can see them inside and out.

beaded lights 1

beaded lights 2

Next up – travel! Niece C the younger graduated from high school in CT last Friday evening. Mom and I drove down, went to the celebration, stayed over night and hit IKEA before we drove all the way home again. It was a long two days, but worth it in so many ways.

Graduations mean presents and cards – and being a procrastinator, I did not take photos until just before I left,so I had to use a flash to get them. Sorry about that, it means a little glare…

graduation envelope


graduation earrings

I am so proud of this girl – she works really hard at school, and it has paid off, she won three achievement awards, in Business Marketing, Chemistry and Pre-calculus. Plus, she is just NICE. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am not too prejudiced.

C's graduation

I love this photo of her with her mom, and not just because she is opening the card I made her. Although, looking at it, it is a better photo of the card than I took at home that morning!

C and L graduation

On to IKEA. I went with the intention of getting 6 dining room chairs and whatever else caught my fancy, within reason. But they opened later than I had hoped (10) and Mom and I had a long drive ahead of us, so we literally RACED through the store. Got the chairs – I’ll have photos of them another time – and got the lights and candles and things I wanted but did not get to dig around the marketplace as I had hoped to. I was able to pick up a few things for my neighbor’s birthday in August, and I got a rolling cart to hold knitting things which now take over the coffee table. I don’t like the color, but I will spray paint it and make it unique.

ikea haul

It turns out people are not the only living creatures who like a good trip to IKEA…

ikea cats 3

ikea cats 2

ikea cats 1

And then A attacked the boxes and created this cat heaven. They never use it in front of us, but in the night we hear them, and each morning, the boxes are in disarray. I hope it is not a permanent installation in the living room, but you just never know around here.

ikea cats 4

ikea cats 5

So. I didn’t knit much last weekend, as you can imagine! A road trip is usually good knitting time, but A didn’t come with us, so I did the driving. However, some progress was made on the green and purple socks, and the dropped stitch scarf. I kept up my Socks with Sarah commitment, even though Friday and Saturday I think the “knitting some every day” was literally less than a row. I am on the home stretch with this pair now, just have a couple of inches left on the second sock to do.

sws #14 Tosh Lichen 2

sws #14 Tosh Lichen 1

The scarf is made with some yarn I dyed using black cherry Kool-Aid and the crock pot. I really experimented with different small bowls with different amounts of the same dye, to get a variegated yarn, and I am pleased with how it came out.

black cherry alpaca variegated

dropped stitch scarf 2

dropped stitch scarf 1

So, that’s it – my week or so in review. Now, I have to go tackle some of the other things on that Friday list of mine. And of course, I have a lot of blog reading to catch up on. Let me just go grab a cup of coffee.

10 thoughts on “Getting caught up”

  1. You have been a busy bee. Thankfully it sounds like enjoyable busyness.
    I like your lights. They’re very cheerful looking.
    Congratulations to your niece. She sounds like an awesome young lady with a positive start on life.
    What a wonderful cat heaven you have made for your fur-kids. thanks for the smile.
    I admire your sock-making talent. You do a great job on them.
    Your yarn is really pretty.
    Have a pleasant weekend. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. hey, thanks! I love the lights, they are much more my style now than they were without the colors. As fro socks – PRACTICE! I never thought I could make so many pairs as I have done this year in the socks with Sarah KAL.

  2. Love the lights! They are going to be awesome lit up at night!!!! Congrats to your niece. Love the butterfly theme. You are soooo talented. I see you have a furry customs inspector in your house. Aren’t they great? My two dogs used to be full fledged members of the DBI (Doggie Bureau of Investigation). Yarn Rascal doesn’t give a hoot unless it’s yarn. A did a great job with cat-scaping the boxes. That looks like kitty fun galore!

    1. thanks! I love them, too. Haven’t stayed up until dark yet, but I am sure I will love them. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I loved the purple butterflies, too. She is probably too old for them but I thought they were a good graduation symbol.

      the cats LOVE when we bring something new into the house. Especially if it comes in cardboard boxes. And A thinks the whole house is a cat playground and everyhting in it is a cat toy, so this was like a big bonanza for all of them.

    1. yes, the chairs are great! someday I will make nicer slip covers for them, but the ones that cameith them will do for now.

      C graduated high school. but she goes to college in the fall. She and her sister are both really smart, but have had to vercome a lot of drama at home to get where they are today. Studying and doing well is not easy in their life.

  3. There’s a lot going on in this post–all good! My cats would love the box heaven–I may have to do something similar. And the dyed yarn ended up such a beautiful color!

    1. thanks! Yes, was a lot to put in one post, I’ll try to stay more current so that doesn’t happen again! Thanks for the compliment on the yarn, I was pleased with it as well, and am already thinking about how to do the next skein.

      Cat heaven has been reduced to just two boxes, stacked with holes on tops and sides for play, but it no longer takes up the whole living room. ๐Ÿ™‚ They love it.

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